EVERSANA INTOUCH International Leadership: Decades of Healthcare Marketing Expertise

Overcoming Challenges in Every Corner of the Globe


Executive Vice President, EVERSANA INTOUCH

Brady boasts 25+ years of experience in helping healthcare clients make decisions that have a positive impact on their business and the customers they serve. He spent nearly a decade leading strategic marketing and development initiatives at AstraZeneca and held executive positions at marketing and communications agencies. As EVERSANA INTOUCH Group continues to expand globally, Brady is charged with leading growth strategies across affiliates for the US, Europe, APAC, and LATAM. When Brady’s not juggling new clients, he’s doing his best to keep up with his twins.

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Managing Director, EVERSANA INTOUCH International

Ariel has led impactful digital strategies and implementation across multiple industries, from media and FMCG to telecommunications and healthcare, where he has spent the past 10+ years focusing on the digital evolution of pharma companies and the creation of impactful digital brand and sales drivers. His healthcare experience includes local, regional, and pan-regional projects across the US, Europe, APAC, and LATAM. Ariel is passionate about driving commercial excellence through enterprise-level digital transformation. When Ariel is not living the global commute in search of great ideas and smart solutions, you might find him tooling around in his vintage Mini Cooper.

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Group Account Director, EVERSANA INTOUCH International

Emily brings more than 15 years of digital marketing expertise, leading teams that perform at the highest level and create award-winning work for an array of brands. An “always on” client service manager, she excels at multichannel marketing, brand strategy, and business development. Emily’s global experience includes serving clients with forward-thinking strategic teams focused on exemplary execution. Emily’s passion is travel and experience, so much so that her daughter earned 16 unique stamps in her passport during her first year of life!

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Client Navigator

Ulrich has 25+ years of experience in the account and project management areas, consistently delivering successful outcomes for his clients. He has led projects for customers ranging from small start-ups to global multinationals, across multiple areas, from worldwide transformation of commercial excellence models to large scale technical and platform integrations. Ulrich is currently responsible for the account management for European and global clients for EVERSANA INTOUCH International. In this capacity, he leads a number of pan European digital projects, engaging teams across several EU and APAC markets.

He lives in Cologne, Germany with his wife, two teenagers and a dog.

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