A Deeper Dive

Facing the Challenge Head-On

Our newest whitepaper, The Now & The Next in Pharma Marketing, explores practical solutions for the challenges that pharmaceutical organizations continue to face in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Less a follow-up to our original COVID-19 whitepaper, and more a detailed, deeper dive, this report leverages new research insights, practical solutions and proven tactics to implement now and help you evolve your commercial strategy.

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Actionable Insights

Let’s Get To Work

Even as vaccines are being administered and the “end” of COVID-19 appears to be in sight, much work remains as pharma marketers continue to respond to a constant state of evolution and uncertainty. The Now & The Next in Pharma Marketing reports on key relationships — pharma-to-professional, professional-to-patient and pharma-to-patient — with actionable recommendations, including how to:

  • Rethink your sales force strategy
  • Embrace opportunities at the point of care
  • Optimize the rise of telemedicine
  • Decide where to double down on digital
  • And much more

Straight from the Source

A Thorough Examination

Our methodology includes quantitative and qualitative research based on third-party surveys and interviews with senior-level stakeholders, dozens of pharma executives and 250+ physicians. The physician survey includes only those who are actively seeing patients, either in-person or online, in the specialties of primary care, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology, rheumatology, hematology and oncology. More than 150 life science brands of varying life stages and sizes were consulted.

“Industries only change when they are forced to.
If you could rebuild a biotech or pharmaceutical
company today, how would that look?”
— Mark Bard, Co-founder, DHC Group

A Strong Partnership

Intouch Group + DHC Group

The Now & The Next in Pharma Marketing is a partnership between Intouch Group and DHC Group. This whitepaper was created to provide insightful and practical guidance to pharma marketing and communications professionals like you.

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