Unprecedented Change

Are You Keeping Up?

The media landscape — especially TV — is morphing faster than any other time in history. Television, which has remained stagnant since the inception of cable, is facing a major inflection point as cord-cutting, the rise of over-the-top media services (OTTs) and the advent of addressable TV threaten to unseat linear TV, especially as programmatic TV reportedly has the same scale. In addition, tracking and measurement will be forever changed by the dissolution of third-party tracking cookies. Finally, the growing debate over privacy and personalization, as catalyzed by policies like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act, is creating yet another disruption point.

In our whitepaper, we explore the impact of these trends on pharmaceutical marketing, as well as actions that pharma can take to better prepare themselves for this brave new world. It’s an informative and educational deep-dive into a complex and sometimes technical topic.

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People who said they were “more likely”
to pay attention to pharma ads,
said they were more likely to do so on
TV (17%) and social media (13%).

Source: TV[R]EV Survey conducted on behalf of Intouch Media. (Aug/Sept 2020)

Innovation & Flexibility

Results Are Within Your Reach

A carbon copy of last year’s media plan just won’t cut it. With major innovations and policy changes in TV, privacy, tracking and addressability, the need to reevaluate your media plan has never been greater.

Leveraging our own strategic thinking, partner insights and proprietary research,
Intouch Media’s Future State: The New Media Landscape delivers a powerful guide detailing the changing media landscape and how you can build the best foundation for the future.

A World in Flux

Opportunities Abound

The media industry is in the midst of a major inflection point, and the impact to health media can’t be understated. Issues such as escalating privacy concerns, new data use and transparency policies, COVID-19, #MeToo and #BLM all have varying degrees of influence on patient and HCP media strategies. What’s more, the age-old question of targeting vs. scale may finally be solved.

Future State: The New Media Landscape, Digs Into These Topics As Well As:

  • Automatic content recognition and omnichannel tracking
  • The cookieless future
  • OTT, connected TV and addressable TV
  • And much more

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