December 2, 2021

Change Management Isn’t Magic … It’s ALCHEMY

Young woman appearing to mix potion, smoke around her head

At Intouch B2D, we know that organizational transformation needs unconventional thinking, fostered by a customized, comprehensive approach.

And we know that one strict methodology isn’t the answer. One-size-fits-all won’t get it done. Instead, we have our own brand of “magic.” We call it ALCHEMY — historically, ALCHEMY was a proto-science practiced in China, India, the Muslim world, and Europe. In it, practitioners attempted to use naturally occurring substances and processes to create beneficial change (turn iron into gold, cure diseases, bring good weather). At Intouch, our ALCHEMY is also about creating positive change. ALCHEMY is a flexible, customized change-management framework. In it, we collaborate with our clients to assess their organization and build a pathway to change with tools and practices that meet your specific needs.

Why is B2D’s ALCHEMY different from other consultancy offerings? The power of ALCHEMY is in its heritage.

“Intouch’s very backbone is pharmaceutical marketing,” says David Shupe, Senior Director, Governance & Change Management, B2D. “Coupling our decades of experience in that arena with the enterprise consulting of B2D has formed an unparalleled team for targeted and personalized business transformation. Since we fully understand the minute details of our clients’ business, our astute teams can develop nuanced and considered change-management roadmaps to help them succeed.” Born from Agile best practices and incorporating Lean tools, ALCHEMY is our unique approach to transformational change, developed specifically for the modern life sciences company. ALCHEMY aligns with your goals and requirements, zooms in on your operational efficiency issues, and successfully guides your teams to increased efficiency and growth — even in the real-world situations that the best plans confront.

In a perfect world, everyone’s timing would always be seamless, but in the real world, that doesn’t always happen. ALCHEMY helps you stay motivated, not overwhelmed.

“Change can be difficult, because sometimes a critical point has passed before people realize change management is needed, and so much impact is needed that success feels impossible,” says Jacquie Morgan, SVP, Governance & Change Management, B2D. “This is where we can help the most. We work with our stakeholders to ensure that the challenges of change are bite-sized, and to ensure that they can see quick wins, while working toward their larger end goals.”

ALCHEMY comprises vision, structure, iterative improvement, transparency, and transformative change. It leads to teams that are high-performing, cross-functional, and empowered; to decisions that are rapid, iterative, and decentralized; to communication that is consistent, visual, and transparent; and to organizations that are customer-focused, adaptable, and effective.

It isn’t always easy, of course — but ALCHEMY is there for the hard parts, too.

“Not all of our clients are entirely ready for operational change, even when the need is there,” says Eli Amaya, Senior Director, Governance & Change Management, B2D. “In these cases, frequently, one or more individuals see the need for improvement, but their entire leadership team is not quite there yet. But that’s just it. All it takes is one voice to influence and create a spark.”

“In order to achieve effective transformation, the complete ‘body’ of the client must be ready for change,” agrees Pete Berg, Senior Director, Governance & Change Management, B2D. “What that means is, if the ‘head’ is not ready to embrace it, the ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ of the business will not be able to effectively control actions and see the transformation through to fruition. We use great practices like workshops, workouts, and rapid improvement events, to synchronize the discrete parts and help everyone align toward success.”

Strategic, successful change management isn’t magic … but it is ALCHEMY.

Author information: Jacquie Morgan, SVP, Governance & Change Management, Intouch B2D; Eli Amaya, Sr. Director, Governance & Enterprise Change Management, Intouch B2D; Pete Berg, Sr. Director, Governance & Enterprise Change Management, Intouch B2D; David Shupe, Sr. Director, Governance & Change Management.