Getting the Word Out About a Cost-Saving Patient Support Program

An identity makeover meant more opportunities to support patients and HCPs.

Female doctor and female patient view an iPad

How do you help a specialty pharmaceutical company in the neurosciences category facing David and Goliath-like odds against a competitor create a new, efficient, enterprise-level, drug-specific identity and program strategy that optimally supports patients and HCPs in a market where only 19% of patients are aware of support programs for their treatments?

With multiple patient support programs that lacked clear delineation and a unifying brand identity, one specialty pharma company in the neurosciences category was facing internal and external confusion, multiple program inefficiencies, and lost opportunities to optimally support patients and HCPs.

Using cross-functional team analysis, along with patient input and feedback from the “bridge audience” of office managers that connects patients and HCPs, we created new, unifying program branding that features messaging to appropriately represent the patient support program’s purpose, along with its value for patients and HCPs. We also created a speaker toolkit and a speakers’ bureau of office managers who could provide peer-to-peer presentations to help spread the word about this beneficial patient support program that provides value and savings to all stakeholders.

Regardless of project, our overarching goal is to create solutions to ensure that patients and providers have access to much-needed therapies without onerous coverage requirements … we are always up to the challenge!