A Revolutionary AI Use Case in Healthcare Communications: KOL “Digital Representations”

Download this POV to learn insights from research on the perceptions of AI-generated videos, specifically digital representations of KOLs.

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Next Generation Brand Planning: Fueling Brand Plan Efficiency Through Seamless Integration

Streamline annual brand planning processes, overcome complexity, and navigate data overload and cross-functional silos. Download the POV to learn how to enhance brand planning with seven operational pillars.


5 Key Trends Shaping Healthcare and the Customer Experience

Brand planning in the pharmaceutical industry is a complex and strategic endeavor, involving numerous stakeholders to develop an effective road map for the upcoming year. This process is essential for maximizing a brand’s potential in a competitive market, yet it can often be challenging and overwhelming. However, with the right insights and strategies, it doesn’t have to be.


Agios Pharmaceuticals’ “Do You See It?” Campaign Featured in MM+M

MM+M recently named Agios Pharmaceuticals’ “Do You See It?” campaign as their Campaign of the Week! Read the blog to learn more about the campaign.


Lessons from Lions: EVERSANA INTOUCH Takes on Cannes 

In this POV, we delve into the insights we gathered from Cannes 2024, exploring the practicalities of creativity, the intelligent use of artificial intelligence, and the importance of cultural changemaking.


Apple Packs a Punch at WWDC: A Pocketful of Power With Apple Intelligence

The possibilities for pharma marketing in the age of AI are vast. Learn about the next development worth watching, Apple Intelligence, and its potential impact in life sciences and healthcare.


Maximizing Your Content Investment

Download the POV to learn how to extend the lifespan of your best content, reach new audiences, reinforce your message, save time and enhance your brand’s visibility.


Beyond the Data: Unleashing Creativity in HCP Marketing

Most healthcare marketers believe that the best way to break through is by way of cold, hard medical claims over creative assets such as taglines, distinctive visuals and sonic branding. However, our research suggests that these distinctive assets are crucial for brand recognition among HCPs. In other words, your brand’s distinctive assets matter as much as your brand’s clinical data. Access the POV to learn more.


GenAI in the Real World: A Q&A With Creative Technologist Chris Valleskey

Learn from Chris Valleskey, creative technologist, in a conversation about how genAI has influenced pharma marketing and life sciences, and advice for applying AI in the real world.


Insights from the 2024 Cannes Lions Pharma Jury Room 

In a recent article published by MedAdNews and PharmaLive.com, Susan Perlbachs, Chief Creative Officer at EVERSANA INTOUCH, shares five key themes from her experience serving on the esteemed jury for the Cannes Lions Health 2024 Pharma show. 


Market Access and the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) introduced Medicare changes that market access professionals must understand in order to adapt strategies successfully. Access the POV to learn about the implications and ways to navigate its impact.

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