What Matters Most: The Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2023

In our eighth annual trends forecast, dozens of experts from EVERSANA and EVERSANA INTOUCH explain the five issues pharma marketers will need to address in 2023.

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The Medical Metaverse Digest: Metaverse + AI = Perfect Together

Are you hearing that AI is the future, and the metaverse is “over”? So are we, but here’s the thing: the former can be true without the latter being true too. Let’s get into it.


Inclusive Marketing: Having the Tools, People, and Process to Shape the Work

Inclusive marketing: What is it, what does it accomplish, and what impact does it have? Nicole McCann-Davis explains – and the statistics may surprise you.


The Clio Awards Take Two Minutes with Brent Scholz

Brent Scholz, SVP and Executive Creative Director at EVERSANA INTOUCH Seven, recently gave a fun personal interview to Muse, the online magazine of the Clio Awards.


How Will Generative AI Change Pharma? Faruk’s Here to Explain

Faruk Capan, CEO of EVERSANA INTOUCH and Chief Innovation Officer of EVERSANA, has been interviewed by many life-sciences journalists recently about the promise of generative AI like ChatGPT. We round up a few of the recent articles for you here!


Handling Economic Uncertainty: The Focus Pharma Marketers Need

Patients, marketing teams, and smaller organizations are feeling the pinch of economic uncertainty, despite pharma’s historic economic sturdiness. We explain the dual-pronged focus that pharma marketers need to both handle difficult times, and to set themselves up for longer-term success.


Super Bowl Ad Hits and Misses: EVERSANA INTOUCH Creatives Debrief

Hear from our Chief Creative Officer, Group Creative Director, and Executive Creative Director about the hits, misses, and surprises they saw in the commercials of Super Bowl LVII.


The Medical Metaverse Monthly Digest

In our Monthly Medical Metaverse Digest, the team tracks the metaverse throughout the healthcare world, from blood donation to stroke, ADHD to aging.


Exploring the Potential of Generative AI in Pharma Marketing

Chief Innovation Officer, Faruk Capan, was recently quoted in an Endpoints News article, ChatGPT and generative AI land in pharma marketing with sense of awe — and plenty of caution. Learn more!


Exceeding Budgets & Falling Short: EVERSANA Leaders Tell Hard Truths About Omnichannel

EVERSANA leaders are raising the question the industry has been too afraid to ask aloud: Has omnichannel lived up to its promise?


The Issues That Matter Most in 2023: Equity

Equity is one of the five issues EVERSANA INTOUCH has identified as critical to success in 2023. Learn more!

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