Services to Shape Your Brand Plan

Annual brand planning is one of the most critical and universally challenging commercial exercises a brand team undertakes and executes well.

EVERSANA INTOUCH’s brand planning services help brands and teams navigate regulatory, scientific, competitive and organizational challenges by providing deep expertise, data-driven insights, efficiencies and an integrated strategy that drives success.

Addressing Your Needs

Next Generation Brand Planning

Data-driven Strategy, Focus and Integration

A turnkey approach to brand planning that is fully integrated cross-functionally and that results in efficiencies and insight-driven strategy and tactics for your brand.

  • Greater Business Impact: Design and prioritize only those tactical programs that will drive greater business impact
  • Time and Money Savings: Our collaborative and engaging approaches to workshopping and consensus building ensure cross-functional input and buy-in
  • Greater Efficiencies to Get to Insights-Driven Strategies & Tactics: Leveraging a combination of your research and our in-house data resources, we work with you to uncover the strategic levers most likely to give your brand a market edge

Powered by our experts and data across EVERSANA INTOUCH, EVERSANA® CONSULTING and Data & Analytics.

“Are we looking at the right data to drive decisions and get to a focused brand strategy?”

“How can we more efficiently integrate across business functions and vendors to foster buy-in?”

“How can I be sure this undertaking is worth the time and money we’re investing?”

Situation Assessment: Brand Funnel Diagnostic

Diagnose Your Brand’s Challenges

A brand funnel diagnostic performed by leveraging a broad range of data sources to diagnose the business challenges impacting your brand and uncover opportunities to drive success.

  • Uncover new brand opportunities
  • Assess the relative opportunity among various brand challenges
  • Learn the implications for action in brand planning

Powered by our experts and data across EVERSANA INTOUCH, EVERSANA® CONSULTING and ACTICS by EVERSANA.

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