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Staying ahead means more than just keeping pace – it requires a commitment to future-proofing through intentional innovation.

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, this commitment is not just a promise; it’s a reality already reshaping how pharmaceutical marketing is approached. Our groundbreaking innovations rapidly drive value and deliver optimal outcomes for life science companies, patients, and providers alike.

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Unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address your business, brand, or portfolio challenges.

Whether your team is just beginning to explore AI or already leveraging its power, our workshop, led by our innovation experts driving partnerships with Adobe, Amazon and MyHealthTeam, is tailored to your specific brand needs. Our approach will allow all stakeholders to:  

  • Gain insights into AI applications in pharma
  • Equip your team to tackle priority pain points with AI solutions
  • Leave with a roadmap for successful implementation across your organization
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Innovative Solutions to Future-Proof Your Brand, Business, and Bottom Line

Content Supply Chain & Optimization

Accelerating content creation, approval and dissemination to save time and cost. 

AI-Powered Insights

Mining data and analyzing content for better, faster insights and reporting​.

  • Literature review 
  • Document review and generation 
  • Market insights 
  • Strategy generation 
  • Augmented research 
  • Patient Journey analysis 

Treatment Pricing & Access

Ensuring accessibility and affordability of treatments with our specialized pricing and access solutions.

  • NAVLIN by EVERSANA® Calculating hyper-informed treatment pricing models that ensure affordability for patients
  • ACTICS® eAccess Automating verification of patient benefits and prior authorization to simplify onboarding​ 

HCP & Patient Engagement

Engaging and empowering clinicians and patients alike with our innovative support solutions.

  • Direct-to-Patient Virtual Care Model – Empowering patients to obtain faster access to providers and therapies 
  • EVERSANA ORCHESTRATE™ Analyzing and optimizing personal and non-personal promotion to drive better business outcomes
  • Medical Chatbot Supporting clinicians 24/7 to provide treatment information they need to make better, more-informed decisions​
  • Brand Patient Avatar – Supporting patients 24/7 to provide brand treatment information when needed​
  • Switch Prediction Powered by ACTICS® Using predictive analysis and machine learning to better group patients for improved adherence support​
  • Field Engagement & Analytics Using data to deploy a hyper targeted field force to engage with targeted HCPs with the right treatment information to better serve patients​

Dive Deeper

Innovations in Action

Discover how we’re transforming commercialization today and empowering pharmaceuticals to navigate every decision with precision.

To some innovation is an empty buzzword, but to EVERSANA, it’s a living, breathing action word.

And by action we mean finding patients in desperate need by activating the deepest data-driven insights, and helping patients identify and understand their own conditions with AI powered tools in their hands.

All the while we are pioneering AI education, videos, and meaningful healthcare dialogues, and we’re fueling an analytics empowered field force to educate the right providers with the right treatment information to better serve their patients.

When combined, we’re orchestrating connected personal experiences for patients and providers across the care journey.

And as healthcare evolves, we are empowering patients with real time knowledge of coverage and benefits to expedite their treatment experiences.

Behind the scenes, we are calculating hyper informed treatment pricing models that ensure profitability for companies and affordability for patients, and partnering with the best to get the best outcomes for patients and providers.

Actions like this are driving everything we do, improving patient experiences, impacting lives, and transforming commercialization so pharma can invent life-changing therapies for the good of all.

Because at EVERSANA Innovation has never been a noun. It has always been a verb.

Real Innovations. Real Partners.

Making innovation real and operational requires cross-functional collaboration. That’s why we partner with the best tech organizations such as Adobe, Amazon and MyHealthTeam to leverage their infrastructure while we bring our pharma domain expertise.

Award-Winning Innovation Is in Our DNA

EVERSANA INTOUCH is built on a history of pioneering, starting with the first branded digital patient community and continuing through the launch of the first-ever AI-powered content engine developed exclusively for pharma. Our innovative solutions have been recognized by the industry for their true impact. 

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From industry trends to expert analysis, our blog is your gateway to staying informed and ahead of the curve. Explore now for valuable perspectives and actionable strategies to fuel your success.

Meet The Innovative Minds Shaping Tomorrow’s Solutions

Faruk Capan

CEO, EVERSANA INTOUCH & Chief Innovation Officer, EVERSANA

Faruk began his first business at age nine and went on to create – the first and largest online community for people living with multiple sclerosis ­– before founding Intouch in 1999. Today, he leads thousands of employees around the globe with a focus on bold innovation in a people-first environment. He is equally passionate about sports and shoes (whether the shoes are sporty or not).

Faruk’s LinkedIn

Roberto Ascione

President, Health Innovation

Roberto is a pioneer in digital health and a recognized thought leader, people-inspiring founder, serial entrepreneur, and global manager.

Trained as a medical doctor and in marketing communications, his passion for medicine, computer science and human-technology interactions have led to his lifelong commitment and dedication to the advancement and spreading of digital healthcare, he holds a strong belief that digital innovations and technology will be the most impactful drivers of change in healthcare. Founder of Healthware Group, Roberto is a regular keynote speaker at global events and author of the book “The Future of Health” (Wiley) and “Il Futuro della Salute” (Hoepli), Chairman at Frontiers Health, one of the leading health innovation conferences globally, and is founding advisor to the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA). Roberto is very active in the health innovation ecosystem in various advisor capacities both in Europe and in USA to companies, start-ups and investors; among others he has been recognized as Decade’s Best Industry Leader by Health 2.0 Conference in 2016 and named among the 100 Most Inspiring People by PharmaVOICE.

When not travelling the world, you will find him in Salerno along the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Roberto’s LinkedIn

Abid Rahman

SVP, Innovation

Abid Rahman spearheads innovation at EVERSANA, boasting a track record spanning over 23 years in the technology field and over 19 years specifically in the pharmaceutical industry. With extensive knowledge to bring technical solutions across various therapeutic areas, including rare disease states, Abid brings a wealth of technology expertise to the table. As an innovation leader, Abid’s primary focus lies in solving complex and unaddressed challenges in health care. His role involves envisioning and co-creating solutions that cater to the needs of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders in the industry. Abid’s forte lies in leveraging Artificial Intelligence to develop cutting-edge and practical solutions, with a keen emphasis on real-world implementation. One of Abid’s notable achievements is his leadership in the development of Cognitive Core, a groundbreaking AI platform designed specifically for the life sciences sector with NLP, predictive analytics, automation and computer vision capabilities. This platform stands as a testament to his ability to drive innovation and harness the power of technology to revolutionize the industry. Furthermore, Abid oversees innovation labs, spearheading technology research and development, exploring proof-of-concepts, fostering strategic partnerships, and facilitating the successful integration of emerging technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Generative AI.

Abid’s LinkedIn


Scott Snyder

Chief Digital Officer

Scott serves as EVERSANA’s Chief Digital Officer, driving digital transformation for employees, clients, and the patients we serve. He brings more than 30 years of experience in emerging technologies and digital transformation across both global 1000 companies and startup ventures. Scott is an industry expert on how enterprises can leverage digital and other emerging technologies to accelerate innovation and new venture creation. He has held executive positions with several Fortune 500 companies and has been a featured thought leader in publications including CIO, WIRED, Forbes, Knowledge@Wharton, Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal. Scott is also the co-author of Goliath’s Revenge, a book focused on how established companies can turn the table through digital disruption. He earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Scott is currently a Senior Fellow in the Management Department at the Wharton School.

Scotts’s LinkedIn

Rosario Curia

VP, Data Science

Rosario has 20 years of experience in digital innovation projects for the public administration and large companies. He has a consolidated experience in building and management of research projects, where he has worked with national and international partners.

Since 2005, with non-continuous activities, he has been involved in “digital health” projects aimed at improving treatment and therapeutic paths, and supporting diagnosis.

Rosario’s LinkedIn

Petteri Kolehmainen

VP, Innovative Technologies

Petteri has always been passionate about new technologies. He started programming in the early 1990s and, in the next decade, created software and services for various computer platforms and the swiftly growing Internet. In early 2000, he expanded his expertise to mobile development and NFC/RFID technologies and joined a Finnish-Chinese startup to ramp up their mobile business. In 2005, Petteri joined Nokia Corporate Business Development, where he worked in various roles in R&D and business development. Thereafter, he founded his own technology agency focused on the well-being and pharmaceutical industries. In 2015, the agency merged with a smaller creative agency and formed Make Helsinki, a full-service digital agency. All through the 2010s, Petteri followed the expanding technology industry and further deepened his knowledge with smart gadgets, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. On the pharmaceutical industry side, he was leading GCP (Good Clinical Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and Software as a Medical Device projects, as well as DTx (digital therapeutics) projects. At the end of 2020, Healthware Group acquired Make Helsinki. Petteri served as Managing Director of Healthware Technology, leading Healthware’s Helsinki team, with a focus especially on Nordics and Baltics. With strong experience both in technology and business development, he can speak fluently about both sides of digital software creation projects.

Petteri’s LinkedIn

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