Full-Service That Fuels Scientific Exchange & Value

With more than a decade of global medical communications, medical affairs, and industry-leading omnichannel expertise, we are experts at fueling compelling scientific exchange with heightened levels of engagement for both medical affairs and marketing clients. We’re redefining the industry by building holistic infrastructures that integrate face-to-face and digital initiatives across commercial and medical channels.

Our full spectrum of services support promotional branded and unbranded education plus medical affairs, medical information, and pharmacovigilance activities. And we do it all with a deep understanding of the rules of engagement and the necessary firewalls to provide a seamless narrative while maintaining flawless compliance.

Experts at Creating Savvy Science

We apply our principles of modern marketing into the realm of scientific exchange. We’re experts at developing educational experiences that optimize adult learning and behavior change principles through compelling scientific storytelling and vibrant visualization. But what makes us stand out is our ability to apply engagement science to deliver personalized, immersive experiences that amplify clinical relevance while deploying the latest technology and analytics to optimize impact.


Medical Science

Clarify the complexities of the science and its clinical implications

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Learning Science

Apply adult learning principles to optimize educational frameworks

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Creative Science

Embed storytelling & vibrant visualization for empathy & retention

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Engagement Science

Deliver personalized, immersive experiences that amplify clinical relevance

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Data & Technology Science:

Deploy state of the art technology & analytics to monitor & evolve for optimal impact

Reimagining Scientific Exchange with our Spirit of Innovation

With our renowned legacy of digital innovation and our commitment to industry-leading digital services, we’re uniquely adept at elevating omnichannel marketing, scientific exchange, and social activation. We’re experts at building holistic medical communications ecosystems that integrate both face-to-face and digital initiatives, transforming the educational experience in the process.

Robust Services Across the Lifecycle of Your Brand

EVERSANA INTOUCH MedComm builds programs that amplify scientific communications with innovative engagement strategies powered by data-driven insights and tailored omnichannel solutions.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • KOL, institution, group practice identification, mapping & engagement planning
  • Advisory boards, steering committees & KOL co-creation initiatives
  • Investigator relationship management & meetings
  • KOL social media engagement

Content Creation

  • Lexical analysis to create bespoke language
  • Scientific platforms & clinical narratives
  • Branded & unbranded content
  • P2P content strategy & omnichannel planning
  • Clinical trial & educational branding
  • Speaker bureau curriculum & interactive programs
  • Innovative AR/VR/KOL Video assets
  • Podcast series & patient cases

P2P Content Dissemination & Events

  • Pre-launch scientific education & campaigns
  • Immersive, omnichannel peer-to-peer engagements
  • On demand promotional educational hubs
  • Speaker bureau management & programming
  • Live & virtual educational programs
  • Broadcast events

Congress Activities

  • Congress strategy & planning
  • KOL booth programs
  • Scientific & competitive intelligence coverage
  • Symposia/product theater programs

Medical Affairs

  • Medical strategy & planning
  • Publications planning & support
  • Interactive publications & posters
  • MSL interactive content & resources
  • Medical affairs & medical information websites
  • Omnichannel scientific exchange


  • Live & virtual speaker training
  • KOL programs for rep training
  • Scientific storytelling & facilitation skills training
  • Brand launches
  • MSL training

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