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Welcome to EVERSANA INTOUCH, the first – and only – global healthcare agency network to be part of a fully integrated commercial services platform. We think bigger and broader about your brand success and everything that impacts your product, from pre-launch planning through measuring real-world value for patients. We are plugged into advocacy groups, know how doctors prescribe, and how products are delivered. We connect dots others can’t even see, because we’re closely connected to experts in field deployment, patient services, pharmacy distribution, and more.

EVERSANA INTOUCH offers insights others can’t, from how to best support your brand’s market access, to affordability, to patient adherence. All while keeping an eye on the future, continually crafting the ordinary into the extraordinary with forward-thinking strategy, cutting edge data, forefront technology and unbridled creativity. Let’s get started maximizing your impact, while envisioning what’s next in ways others never imagined.

Our Origin Story

20+ Years of Firsts in Pharma

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Our CEO and founder, Faruk Capan, was born and raised in Turkey. He came to the United States – and the University of Central Missouri – for graduate studies. After an internship at pharmaceutical company Marion Merrell Dow (now Sanofi), Faruk landed at Teva Marion Partners (now Teva), where he built the first-ever online patient portal, MSWatch. The first website of its kind, it was a major innovation in the 1990s – as well as a major challenge, as the team learned to manage entirely new ways of communicating with patients.

With the heart of a start-up, and the footprint of a global powerhouse, we’ll never stop embracing what’s next.

With MSWatch, Faruk learned the invaluable ins and outs of medical, legal, and regulatory reviews. He tested boundaries. And he badly wanted to keep innovating. Very badly. So badly that he would occasionally go rogue and break rules. Finally, his boss said these fateful words: “I don’t want to fire you. But maybe you should start your own company.” With no detailed plan, a six-month-old baby, and little more than a dream, Faruk quit his job and founded Intouch Solutions in 1999.

Ever since that first pharma patient portal, Intouch has had many other “firsts” – more than we can mention here – leading the pharma industry through innovation. And in 2018, Intouch Solutions reorganized to become Intouch Group, a parent organization representing multiple agency and specialty affiliates with a diverse suite of full-service capabilities.

EVERSANA INTOUCH is reimagining the future of healthcare marketing.   

One of the biggest milestones in our history occurred in 2021, when Faruk met Jim Lang, CEO of EVERSANA, the industry’s only fully integrated commercial services platform. They instantly recognized in one another a shared mission to transform the global life sciences industry with unmatched digital and data-driven commercial solutions that improve patient care and set out to reimagine what a healthcare agency could be. By early the next year, EVERSANA acquired Intouch Group and we launched EVERSANA INTOUCH, the only agency connected to the full spectrum of commercial services that impact a brand and, more importantly, its patients. 

Today, we’re a global presence in healthcare marketing, a six-time pharma agency of the year winner, a Great Place To Work® for five consecutive years and awarded one of the top 20 most creative healthcare agencies. And as part of the 7,000+ EVERSANA employees worldwide, we no longer sound much like a start-up. Yet Faruk still approaches our business as one to ensure we continually adapt, evolve, and grow. It’s why we continue to champion our unique capacity for seeking and embracing change, our tenacity in taking on major challenges, and our commitment to true innovation and what’s next. 

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First Webby

Won the first Webby Award in the pharmaceuticals category

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First Widget

Developed the first pharma-friendly social-sharing widget

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First D&I Champ

Named first-ever Diversity & Inclusion Champion by Med Ad News

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