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How Subscriptions Are Changing the Way We Consume and Advertise on Social Media

In a recent article published by Med Ad News and, Justin Chase, EVP, Media, highlights why privacy on social media comes with a price and how subscriptions are changing how we consume and advertise on social media. Read more.


Threading the Needle: Is Meta’s Threads Headed for Success?

Will Meta's new Threads matter to pharma advertisers? When will we know if it's a success? We give you answers from Justin Chase, EVP, EVERSANA INTOUCH Media, along with recent news coverage with his expertise.


Engage, Educate, Empower, Equalize: Justin Chase Talks to PharmaLive/Med Ad News

Recently, Justin Chase spoke with Maria Fontanazza of PharmaLive and Med Ad News. Read a few of his quotes here, then check out the whole interview!


TikTok: The Next Leader in Behavioral Health?

TikTok's unique combination of memes, entertainment, education, and an algorithm that doesn’t favor full-time content creators is the ideal foundation for pharma to build on. Find out more!


Connect 2021: What Facebook’s Metaverse Means for Marketers

What will a blending of the real and virtual worlds look like? And how can pharma marketers be part of this new hybrid environment? Four Intouch experts teamed up to provide answers.


Why Clubhouse Sucks … But Might Be Exactly What Pharma Needs Right Now

What makes Clubhouse unique (at the moment) is its hyper-focus on audio. In this POV, we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of this social app, and how pharma can participate in this evolving space.


Does Russia’s Sputnik Vaccine Twitter Account Offer Promise or Propaganda?

Intouch Group's Wendy Blackburn and Justin Chase spoke with Fierce Pharma about the country's social media approach to vaccine promotion.


Bringing Health Influencers Into Your Brand

Today, the voices of influencers are vital. They can be gatekeepers to their audiences and authenticators of brand messaging, serving as extended voices of a brand. So how can pharma work well with health influencers, and to do so with expert precision? Find out here!


Facebook’s Limited Data Use Feature: What Pharma Marketers Need to Know

Facebook's new feature for businesses, called Limited Data Use, restricts how it stores and processes data belonging to California residents. Find out what pharma marketers need to know to comply with LDU.


To Put Patients First, Listen

Last year, Intouch had the pleasure of working with GSK/TESARO (now GSK) to create a powerful message for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, which is observed each September. To make #OvaryAct — the socially driven, month-long campaign — the most impactful it could be Intouch and GSK/TESARO worked with GIPHY to provide free, high-quality imagery that […]

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