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Digital Medicine in Pharma: A Marketers’ Guide for Launch, Promotion and Life Cycle Management

Beyond the pill, there are treatments that pharma marketers are launching, promoting and managing throughout their life cycle. Check out this POV, for a guide on marketing digital medicine in pharma.


What the Success of “Barbie” Means for Women’s Health

In a recent article for and Med Ad News, Elizabeth Rooney, Managing Director, Executive Creative Director, EVERSANA INTOUCH urges all healthcare marketers to make the most of "Barbie" grabbing the cultural zeitgeist to make a difference for women's health.


Accelerating Rare Disease Patient Engagement

Industry challenges in rare disease create an opportunity for brand marketers to advance patient engagement. Check out this POV to learn more.


Inspiring Action: Pharma Advertisers as a Force to Address Climate-Related Health Inequities 

Climate change - and the health inequities it exacerbates - demand immediate attention, and pharma advertisers are uniquely positioned to drive change.


Build or Buy? Increasing — Or Outsourcing — Your Marketing Capabilities

When does it make sense to build your own team internally, and when does it make sense to outsource certain capabilities to partners? In the latest POV from EVERSANA INTOUCH, the pros and cons of each approach -- and when to do each -- are broken down and considered.


Oncology is Increasingly Competitive – Here’s How to Stand Out

In the fast-changing therapeutic landscape of oncology, there are three things smart marketers do to successfully communicate their value.


Inclusive Marketing: Having the Tools, People, and Process to Shape the Work

Inclusive marketing: What is it, what does it accomplish, and what impact does it have? Nicole McCann-Davis explains - and the statistics may surprise you.


Handling Economic Uncertainty: The Focus Pharma Marketers Need

Patients, marketing teams, and smaller organizations are feeling the pinch of economic uncertainty, despite pharma's historic economic sturdiness. We explain the dual-pronged focus that pharma marketers need to both handle difficult times, and to set themselves up for longer-term success.


Exceeding Budgets & Falling Short: EVERSANA Leaders Tell Hard Truths About Omnichannel

EVERSANA leaders are raising the question the industry has been too afraid to ask aloud: Has omnichannel lived up to its promise?


The Issues That Matter Most in 2023: Equity

Equity is one of the five issues EVERSANA INTOUCH has identified as critical to success in 2023. Learn more!

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