July 9, 2024

Agios Pharmaceuticals’ “Do You See It?” Campaign Featured in MM+M

MM+M recently named Agios Pharmaceuticals’ “Do You See It?” campaign as their Campaign of the Week! The campaign focuses on the hidden dangers of thalassemia, a rare genetic condition affecting an estimated 8,000 Americans. The disease can result in anemia-like symptoms, with severe cases requiring regular blood transfusions, while milder cases often go untreated. However, these “less severe” patients still face significant risks if not actively monitored, underscoring the need for greater awareness and vigilance. The world needed a wake-up call.

In the realm of rare disease awareness, medical marketers must employ creative and nuanced strategies. As Brent Scholz, SVP, Executive Creative Director at EVERSANA INTOUCH, aptly states in the article, “There’s no proprietary blueprint for rare disease campaigns.” Each campaign requires a deep psychological understanding and a customized approach, addressing the unique challenges faced by patients and healthcare providers.

To address this, our team collaborated with Agios Pharmaceuticals to create an eye-catching campaign that empowers patients and inspires doctors to monitor more closely. Launched on May 8, World Thalassemia Day, the campaign features striking visuals of real patients, enhancing its impact and creating a sense of urgency.

“If you get put into one camp and you’re told yours is not severe, that’s already impacting how you and the people around you deem its seriousness and how you’re supposed to deal with it,” explains Scholz. “People, both on the patient side as well as the medical side, are not recognizing the long-term potential effects.”

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, we are proud to partner with organizations like Agios Pharmaceuticals to help create a healthier world for all.

Read the full MM+M article here.