April 24, 2024

Scaling HCP Engagement With Modular Content for Medical Affairs

As medical affairs within pharmaceutical companies continues to adopt omnichannel solutions, it must meet a growing volume of content demands. Modular content strategy presents a disciplined and structured solution for creating medical assets by utilizing preapproved content blocks, or “modules.”  

A module is a combination of individual content elements (e.g., scientific statements, infographics, headlines, charts, copy) that tell a complete story within a particular topic or message. Because modules are stand-alone, channel-agnostic blocks of scientific and medical content, they can be saved and repurposed across various content pieces, formats and platforms for a streamlined content creation and review process. A modular approach also minimizes duplication of effort, ensures consistency and effectively addresses the content opportunities identified through omnichannel efforts.    

Despite its benefits, implementing modular content comes with several challenges. For example, modular content requires a well-informed, data-led content strategy, and that isn’t something that can be developed overnight. Two increasingly elusive elements of a data-driven modular content strategy include stakeholder alignment on the organization’s modular content goals, and investment in the platforms and technologies required to achieve those goals. 

Other challenges facing modular content rollout and execution in medical affairs specifically include regional regulatory requirements, internal compatibility of digital asset management, alignment of efforts between commercial and medical affairs, copyright issues and resource constraints. Overcoming these challenges requires a commitment to adopting the approach and an adherence to a stepwise and disciplined process designed to deliver continuous optimization of the content assets for optimal customer centricity.

EVERSANA INTOUCH brings this process to its partners as an end-to-end omnichannel model called EVERSANA ORCHESTRATETM. The model is the backbone that integrates scientific exchange expertise, commercialization, technology, customer experience, content strategy and analytics to deliver resource-efficient responses to today’s intricate omnichannel needs.