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Scaling HCP Engagement With Modular Content for Medical Affairs

Discover the benefits and challenges of implementing a modular content strategy in medical affairs, and learn how an end-to-end omnichannel model can address and scale HCP engagement.


Orchestrating Experiences That Simultaneously Drive Brand Impact and Customer Delight

In this POV, Aaron Uydess, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy and Sales, lays out many of the challenges and solutions facing omnichannel implementation in today’s marketplace. He also introduces EVERSANA ORCHESTRATE™, the industry’s first end-to-end modular omnichannel model that drives patient and provider connectivity across multiverse journeys and transcends the limitations of traditional omnichannel solutions.


Using Omnichannel to Tackle the Healthcare Giants

The consolidation of payers' subsidiaries is causing communication and market access challenges. Learn how omnichannel can help!


Exceeding Budgets & Falling Short: EVERSANA Leaders Tell Hard Truths About Omnichannel

EVERSANA leaders are raising the question the industry has been too afraid to ask aloud: Has omnichannel lived up to its promise?