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Google Goes AI: Details on the Search Generative Experience

Google's Magi, or Search Generative Experience, is bringing ChatGPT-like generative AI answers to search results. SEO VP Tylor Hermanson highlights what we need to know now for healthcare search.


Paid Search + AI: What’s Changing?

AI technologies like ChatGPT and Bard are disrupting the paid search field, and Keith Spisak, Group Media Director, Paid Search, explains what's happening and what to expect.


Connecting With Your Audience in the Era of Multimodal Search

Search engine optimization is ever-evolving, and today, we're in the era of multimodal search. Mitch Hankins explains what that means, and the five things that life-science marketers need to do to keep their content findable in this new paradigm.


One of the Most-Read SEO Articles in 2022: Test of Competing Tools by EVERSANA INTOUCH VP & Team

One of the most-read SEO articles in all of 2022 was from EVERSANA INTOUCH VP Tylor Hermanson.


Two New Search Engines Target Gen Z (and E-A-T)

Senior SEO Specialist Sydney Kampschroeder explains what two new search engines can tell us about search and Gen Z!


Keyword Coverage: Comparing Top SEO Tools

SEO VP Tylor Hermanson recently published a comparison of the efficacy of four top SEO tools on Search Engine Land.


Google Update Targets Websites Prioritizing Search Engines Above People

Google's latest update seeks to prioritize helpful original content made by people for people, rather than content made primarily to gain organic search traffic.


EVERSANA INTOUCH Recognized as a Finalist for Multiple SEO Industry Awards 

The U.S. Search Awards have been recognizing the best and brightest in search marketing for over a decade, and that recognition is coming to EVERSANA INTOUCH’s SEO team. Recently, EVERSANA INTOUCH was named to the shortlist for three SEO awards: Best Large SEO Agency, Best Use of Search-Health, and Best Software Innovation, with the winners […]


Be What They Want / Be What They Need: The Overlap of SEO and Content Strategy

The most perfect content in the world is worthless when your target audience doesn’t see it. How do you make sure it’s found? Intouch experts have the answers.


Google’s 2021 Title Shakeup Part 2: Our SERP Title Analysis Study

Intouch’s SEO team looked at the recent changes from Google and how they affect pharma brands. Read on for their key observations and recommendations in part 2 of 2 posts on this important search update.

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