June 20, 2024

An Early Impact Analysis of Google’s AI Overviews

On May 14, 2024, Google made waves in the marketing world by announcing the rollout of AI Overviews. As part of the Search Generative Experience (SGE), AI Overviews provide AI-generated summaries or answers to complex search queries, combining information from multiple web sources into a single overview at the top of search results.

After a year of testing on a subset of users, Google officially began the rollout in the United States, with plans to expand globally. Liz Reid, Google’s head of Search, expects AI Overviews to reach over a billion users worldwide by year-end.

Since then, EVERSANA INTOUCH’s SEO team has been actively working to understand the frequency, consistency and impact of this new search feature specifically its effect on organic visibility, which ripples into other metrics like traffic and conversions. This significant shift in search behavior means pharma marketers must adapt their SEO strategies to thrive in this new era of harmonized search. 

In this POV, we provide an overview of Google’s new search feature, AI Overviews, along with the results from a 1,000-keyword study assessing the impact to SEO performance. These findings can help pharma marketers understand the magnitude of this update to prioritize their efforts accordingly, and we offer four actionable steps they can take to navigate this shift for their brands.

Tylor Hermanson


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