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How Will Generative AI Change Pharma? Faruk’s Here to Explain

Faruk Capan, CEO of EVERSANA INTOUCH and Chief Innovation Officer of EVERSANA, has been interviewed by many life-sciences journalists recently about the promise of generative AI like ChatGPT. We round up a few of the recent articles for you here!


Exploring the Potential of Generative AI in Pharma Marketing

Chief Innovation Officer, Faruk Capan, was recently quoted in an Endpoints News article, ChatGPT and generative AI land in pharma marketing with sense of awe — and plenty of caution. Learn more!


Monthly Medical Metaverse Digest for June 2022

The Medical Metaverse is here, and it’s changing everything. We’re giving you the latest news in the Medical Metaverse to help you know what’s next for your business.


Defusing the Ticking Lyme Bomb

In partnership with The Lyme Alliance and Dr. Crystal Barnwell, Intouch has developed the Lyme Bomb Detector, a new AI-powered app to help aid in the recognition and diagnosis of Lyme disease, particularly in people with darker skin.


Take Out the Garbage: 4 Ways to Ensure Equity in Healthcare AI

Data and AI scientists must strive to eliminate bias from anything that touches patient care. Find out how, from Intouch AI expert Abid Rahman.


Why AI Equity Is the Next Step for Transformational Pharma

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it has the potential to improve health outcomes when done right. But is the data informing your AI biased? How can you know, and what can you do about it? Intouch’s VP of innovation, Abid Rahman, shares insights and advice.


Algorithms and Equity: Banishing Bias in AI

Employing artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare can save lives. Bias in healthcare AI can cost them. The stakes are life and death. Learn what that looks like and how to avoid it.


Intouch VP to Lead Virtual Masterclass on AI Implementation

AI isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to implement. To help build understanding — about creating AI systems & the benefits pharma can reap when using them — Intouch VP of innovation, Abid Rahman will lead a masterclass during the upcoming AHIMA2020 virtual conference.


Pharma Chatbots: Designing the Human Side of the Experience (Pt. Two)

In part two of this series on creating successful chatbot interactions, we talk about how to elevate your customers’ experience even further, with personalized dialog, entertainment at the right time, and the utmost attention to details.


Pharma Chatbots: Designing the Human Side of the Experience (Pt. One)

Robots are no longer the stuff of science fiction, and as more brands adopt conversational AI, some key considerations can enhance the chatbot user experience. In part one of this two-part series, we’ll talk about chatbots, human users, and live agents, and offer several tips for success.

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