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Three Reasons Oncology Marketers Need a Tumor Journey, Not Just a Patient Journey

Marketers traditionally use a patient journey, but for the complex field of oncology, a "tumor journey" approach may make more sense. Find out what that is and how it helps oncology marketers engage with all of their important stakeholders.


Agency Leaders Forecast 2023 in Med Ad News Series

EVERSANA INTOUCH leadership were featured throughout Med Ad News' annual Healthcare Agency Roundtable, which asks industry leaders for their opinions on a variety of topics.


Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Strategy & Creative: Perfect Pairings

Suzanne Martinez, Group Director, Strategic Planning, EVERSANA INTOUCH Proto, explains how two already-great things can be better together than they are separately.


Why “Just the Facts” Is Never Enough in Pharma Marketing

Facts matter, of course, but will they stop your audiences in their tracks long enough to get your message across? Find out what may be missing from your campaigns, and what you can do about it.


5 Tips for Shifting Pharmaceutical Campaigns From Cliché to Compelling

There’s no perfect formula for emotionally connecting with audiences, but there are things brand marketers and their agency partners can do to arrive at a campaign that resonates, drives behavior, increases sales, and yes, maybe win some awards.


Advice to Pharma Marketers: Listen or Lose Out

When we don't listen, we miss opportunities to make our work more effective, compelling, successful, and equitable. Learn more about common pharma marketing pitfalls and how to circumvent them.


Why Pharma Marketing Is Like 3-D Chess

The labyrinth of customers -- each with different and often contradictory needs -- can mean big marketing challenges. But time-tested solutions to engage relevantly can optimize the sales and marketing mix. Learn more from an Intouch strategy expert!


Pharma Marketing: Why There’s So Much of It and Why It Needs to Change

Intouch strategy SVP John Kenny shares his thoughts on pharma marketing and the need for mindful strategy -- and strategists -- in a recent episode of the podcast, On Strategy Showcase. Check it out!


Big Splash vs. Better Aim: Achieving Constant Strategy Optimization

If you’re not learning from how your messaging performs, you can kiss your audience goodbye. Read on to make sure your brand is doing content strategy right.


Rethinking How We Communicate About Chronic Diseases

Did you miss DTC National last week? Here's a recap on Intouch strategy guru John Kenny's masterclass on communicating more authentically with and about chronic conditions and the patients who have them.

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