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Media Retrenchment: It’s Time to Rethink Ad Spend

"For the next 12 to 24 months, the media landscape is set to drastically change, and pharma marketers can’t miss this hidden opportunity." Justin Chase, EVP, EVERSANA INTOUCH Media, explains what's happening to PM360.


Delivering the Sales Interaction of the Future

Chris Weber, SVP, Strategic Development, explains the three keys to successfully integrating personal and non-personal promotion.


Start With Easy: Unlocking Opportunity With Behavior Design

Devon Cross, Matthew Griffith, and Jay Paramsothy explain how our Behavior Design workshops use the principles of behavioral economics to drive behavior change toward brand goals.


Allow Ourselves to (Re) Introduce Ourselves: The EVERSANA INTOUCH Brand Launch 

Should our new brand matter to you? Give us a minute to convince you. We think you'll agree!


Five Themes to Consider for Your Strategic Planning 

John Kenny, SVP of Strategic Planning, unveils the five key themes that were the focus of 2022's annual internal brand-planning conference.


Intouch Expert Talks With MM+M on Preparing for the ‘New Not-Normal’

Find out what Intouch B2D's SVP, client services director, Shane Mayer, thinks healthcare marketers must do to give today's audiences what they want and need.


Overwhelmed by Omnichannel? We’ve Got Your Back

Omnichannel marketing offers the options pharma marketers need to understand, reach, and make meaningful connections with their audiences. Find out more from the experts at Intouch.


Meet Intouch MedComm – Our Digitally Savvy Science Experts

Intouch MedComm translates complex science into engaging clinical content to transform your brand and ensure HCPs get the information they need to make the right decisions for their patients. Read on to learn more!


Applied Technology: It’s Not What You’ve Got, It’s What You Do With It

Brands that know what they need in their tech stack -- and how to use it efficiently and effectively -- are able to put their data to work to create relevant customer experiences. How well is your brand doing?


The Five Phases of Customer Experience Marketing

Modern customers expect brands to personalize their experience and anticipate their needs. Is your brand providing the modern marketing approach audiences crave?

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