October 19, 2023

Media Retrenchment: It’s Time to Rethink Ad Spend

stack of TV in junkyard

The latest research shows that the average American is watching 60-120 minutes less television per day, across both linear and streaming platforms. What’s happening, and why?

Justin Chase, Executive Vice President, EVERSANA INTOUCH Media, recently explained this to PM360, and advised readers on exactly how wise pharma brands will pivot their ad budgets. He begins:

For the next 12 to 24 months, the media landscape is set to drastically change, and pharma marketers can’t miss this hidden opportunity. If you are a challenger brand in the midst of defining yourself, leap-frogging your competition, and cementing yourself as king of the jungle, this is the type of opportunity that comes around, once, maybe twice in a career.

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