June 14, 2022

Allow Ourselves to (Re) Introduce Ourselves: The EVERSANA INTOUCH Brand Launch 


Recently, we were delighted to announce the EVERSANA INTOUCH brand. And we can understand that sometimes efforts like that seem more important to employees than to folks outside. So, we’d love to tell you why we think it matters for you, too.  

Intouch Solutions was founded more than 20 years ago, in 1999. In 2018, we reorganized into Intouch Group – and then, in 2021, were acquired by EVERSANA, the industry’s only fully integrated commercial services platform.  

But we know that sometimes you think of an old friend the way you always have. It’s hard to remember changes!  

And that’s the purpose of our new brand launch. It’s our signpost to the world that we’re far more than we were before, and our declaration that our work matters more to us than ever. EVERSANA INTOUCH was formed from the integration of Intouch Group and EVERSANA ENGAGE.  Together the agency network now includes more than 1,800 marketers and eight locations across North America, as well as EVERSANA’s more than 40 locations worldwide. 

Both EVERSANA and Intouch have always been defined by their shared mission: transforming the global life sciences industry with innovations that reimagine what’s possible in healthcare. Today, as part of EVERSANA, EVERSANA INTOUCH is connected to EVERSANA’s world-class integrated services.

EVERSANA is the industry’s only fully integrated commercialization services platform, bringing together the best of each service — pricing, marketing, consulting, patient support, field deployment, and more. That means we sit next to best-in-class strategic consulting, field teams, market research, hub services, a medical information call center, health economics, and real-world evidence capabilities – all “just down the hall,” giving us an unmatched understanding of the brand journey, a patient’s experience across the continuum of care, and levers for business impact. 

Together, we’re now capable of far more than you may ever have dreamed possible.  

We’re data-rich and digitally-forward — and every engaging experience we create is fueled by custom insights to inform strategy and feed execution — which we measure consistently and optimize frequently. Because that’s what our clients rely on. It’s what HCPs want. What payers expect. What patients and caregivers need. 

We think that matters. We know you think so too.  

We are EVERSANA INTOUCH. The only agency empowered to think bigger and take bolder actions for your brand’s success. With the heart of a start-up, and the footprint of a global powerhouse, we’ll never stop embracing what’s next.