February 8, 2022

Intouch Expert Talks With MM+M on Preparing for the ‘New Not-Normal’

Sign saying "Umm... 6 feet.

It’s not exactly news to say that COVID-19 has been a catalyst for monumental changes in the healthcare industry. From the reluctant — then warm — embrace of telehealth to virtual and then hybrid conferences to advances in digital clinical trials … everything has been transformed. Pharma reps also had to pivot, moving to more virtual engagements with physicians; this trend will likely stick. So what does that mean, and what will it look like, especially as sales rep layoffs and let-gos continue, and physicians say they want more real-world data and a lot less selling?

Marketing magazine MM+M recently reached out to several industry leaders, including Intouch B2D’s SVP, client services director, Shane Mayer, to get a sense of where things stand for healthcare marketers. “Almost all agree,” say the folks at MM+M, “the last two years have offered a preview of the much-discussed ‘new normal’: The changed role of sales reps, the increasing consumerization and personalization of health, the breaking down of silos in an effort to be more agile and the development of new technologies that help speed all of this along.”

Find out what our Intouch expert — and others — had to say, here.