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Handling Economic Uncertainty: The Focus Pharma Marketers Need

Patients, marketing teams, and smaller organizations are feeling the pinch of economic uncertainty, despite pharma’s historic economic sturdiness. We explain the dual-pronged focus that pharma marketers need to both handle difficult times, and to set themselves up for longer-term success.


The Issues That Matter Most in 2023: Equity

Equity is one of the five issues EVERSANA INTOUCH has identified as critical to success in 2023. Learn more!


Agency Leaders Forecast 2023 in Med Ad News Series

EVERSANA INTOUCH leadership were featured throughout Med Ad News’ annual Healthcare Agency Roundtable, which asks industry leaders for their opinions on a variety of topics.


Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Strategy & Creative: Perfect Pairings

Suzanne Martinez, Group Director, Strategic Planning, EVERSANA INTOUCH Proto, explains how two already-great things can be better together than they are separately.


What’s It Like on the Clio Jury?

CCO Susan Perlbachs explains what it’s like to be a jury member for the advertising industry’s most prestigious awards, the Clios.


Five Themes to Consider for Your Strategic Planning 

John Kenny, SVP of Strategic Planning, unveils the five key themes that were the focus of 2022’s annual internal brand-planning conference.


Look Who’s Talking! Catch Up on Expert Opinions 

It’s been a busy start to 2022, hasn’t it? In case you missed anything, we’ve rounded up what our experts have been explaining for you lately, so you can catch up here.


It’s National Doctors’ Day, But What Is Your Brand Doing to Help Them in Their Work EVERY Day?

It’s a simplification to say that the 1 million-plus physicians currently working in the United States are exhausted from the past two years. Now more than ever, they need concise, relevant communications to meet the needs of patients. Learn how your brand can help.


Why Pharma Marketing Is Like 3-D Chess

The labyrinth of customers — each with different and often contradictory needs — can mean big marketing challenges. But time-tested solutions to engage relevantly can optimize the sales and marketing mix. Learn more from an Intouch strategy expert!


The Year Ahead: Insights From the DHC and Industry Executives

Execs from Novartis, Otsuka, and e-Healthcare Solutions met to discuss what concerns them most this year. Find out if your brand’s priorities line up!

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