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Leveraging Generative AI in Brand Planning

The integration of generative AI into brand planning within the life sciences sector is a burgeoning trend. Yet findings from our second annual survey of brand planning executives indicate that less than half are currently leveraging or intending to leverage generative AI for brand planning in 2024. Access our whitepaper for survey insights and get recommendations to harness AI in your brand planning.


ICYMI: FUEL 2024. Transform Tomorrow.

In case you missed it, we've rounded up the top takeaways from our FUEL brand planning conference that pharma marketing teams should know as they navigate and prepare for brand plans.


What If You Could Supercharge Your Brand Plan?

Do you ever wonder what brand planning would be like if there was no budget, no naysayers and no restrictions? Use the power of "what if" to supercharge your brand plan. Learn more in our latest blog.


Smart Market Access: The Top 3 Market Access Mistakes and How to Fix Them

When market access strategy and stakeholder engagement is done right, market-shaping efforts and pre-commercial market readiness help to define the appropriate place for a new brand both before and at launch. Download the POV to learn three critical market access mistakes and how to fix them.


Digital Humans: Where Technology and Humanity Converge for a Healthier Future

In the dynamic realm where technology meets humanity, digital humans emerge as catalysts for a healthier future. With endless opportunities for innovation and advancement, these AI-driven entities are reshaping education, research and training in the life sciences industry.


How Pharma Brands Grow: Branding in a Performance Marketing World

Get new research insights and learn what makes a pharma brand grow in a world of brand and performance marketing.


Why Fighting Cancer Requires Creativity. Observations from ASCO 2023

ASCO 2023 brings together the best minds and the brightest ideas in oncology. Learn how observations from the event are shaping brand strategy.


Build or Buy? Increasing — Or Outsourcing — Your Marketing Capabilities

When does it make sense to build your own team internally, and when does it make sense to outsource certain capabilities to partners? In the latest POV from EVERSANA INTOUCH, the pros and cons of each approach -- and when to do each -- are broken down and considered.


Handling Economic Uncertainty: The Focus Pharma Marketers Need

Patients, marketing teams, and smaller organizations are feeling the pinch of economic uncertainty, despite pharma's historic economic sturdiness. We explain the dual-pronged focus that pharma marketers need to both handle difficult times, and to set themselves up for longer-term success.


The Issues That Matter Most in 2023: Equity

Equity is one of the five issues EVERSANA INTOUCH has identified as critical to success in 2023. Learn more!

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