May 19, 2022

Five Themes to Consider for Your Strategic Planning 

Woman places sticky notes on a glass wall

Around here, we start thinking about strategic planning season… well, it’s a bit like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York: We start working toward the next year’s event the day after we finish this year’s! 

Really, it’s even sooner than that. We’re always at it, always looking out for, catching hold of, and creating, the fresh ideas that will change the game for our clients. The centerpiece of that activity is each spring, when we have a week-long internal brand-planning conference, in which we bring together experts from across EVERSANA and Intouch to raise awareness of trends, equip our teams with the tools they need, seed ideas in areas impacting our business, and get teams inspired for planning. 

This year, five key themes ran through the conference, and they say a lot about where we believe pharma marketers should be looking in the year ahead. 

Evolving Business Landscape

We’re proud to be not just understanding how, or responding to, the ways that the world and the industry are changing. We’re shaping that change, thanks in great part to our increased abilities as we become part of EVERSANA. There was a lot of discussion about how our groundbreaking abilities can help supercharge our life-sciences clients in ways that were impossible just a few years ago. 

Deeper Audience Understanding

As we help shape our new world, we know we must act with the responsibility that all of us in healthcare have: to bring better health to more people. Knowing our audiences makes it possible to find more of them, to reach them more effectively, to communicate with them fluently, and to offer them what they need. 

Greater Precision

Acting with data-driven precision and personalization drives relevancy. It drives content velocity. And, as a result, it delivers on the customer demand for new, and results in exponential impact for our brands and businesses. 

Accelerating Innovation

We’re always looking for the times when it makes sense to go beyond standard media plays, and shift to more sophisticated and cutting-edge strategies. That precision we mentioned – that hyper-targeted relevancy – is made possible with our ever-growing AI/ML data analytics and insights. 

Better Storytelling

As Seth Godin says, Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.” If you don’t have the sparks of creativity and compassion that make it possible to tell an engaging, empathetic story, none of what we said above matters. You have to have that. 

This conference makes it possible for us to be the best strategic partners we can be. We share insights, understand what’s coming, learn from successful case studies, and get everything we need to do the best possible work for our clients. And now, we’re fully charged and leading our clients into greatness — and delivering along these five themes is how we’re doing it.