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An Early Impact Analysis of Google’s AI Overviews

Google's AI Overviews are impacting search behavior and pharma marketers must adapt their SEO strategies to survive. Read the full POV for actionable insights on navigating this significant change.


Reddit Rising: Increasing Visibility and Credibility for Discussions and Forums

Discover the strategic potential of Reddit, soon to be the third most visited global website, for pharma marketers. Learn how to leverage its Google partnership and exponential growth for authentic engagement and peer insights.


EVERSANA INTOUCH Recognized as a Finalist for Multiple SEO Industry Awards 

The U.S. Search Awards have been recognizing the best and brightest in search marketing for over a decade, and that recognition is coming to EVERSANA INTOUCH’s SEO team. Recently, EVERSANA INTOUCH was named to the shortlist for three SEO awards: Best Large SEO Agency, Best Use of Search-Health, and Best Software Innovation, with the winners […]


Be What They Want / Be What They Need: The Overlap of SEO and Content Strategy

The most perfect content in the world is worthless when your target audience doesn’t see it. How do you make sure it’s found? Intouch experts have the answers.


Google’s 2021 Title Shakeup Part 1: What Pharma Marketers Should Know

Intouch's SEO team looked at the recent changes from Google and how they affect pharma brands. Read on for their key observations in part 1 of 2 posts on this important search update.


The E-A-T of Disease Awareness and Why Brands Need to Get It Right

Non-branded patient and HCP disease awareness websites present unique challenges when it comes to establishing expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Learn how to give your sites a leg up.


What’s Happening With Google Ad Changes?

Google recently held its first Marketing Livestream in two years, showcasing the latest features for Google Ads. Here’s what pharma marketers need to know, including an update from Google just announced today.


Google’s Core Web Vitals Update: Is Your Brand Ready?

Find out what Intouch is doing to help clients prepare for the latest algorithm change, which could affect site ranking, plus user and page experience.


Voice Answers: Innovating in SEO With AnswerVox®

To date, 19M consumers have used voice search to locate health-related information. That number is expected to grow. Are voice assistants correctly representing your brands and indications? Learn how Intouch can help you find out.


Google Doubles Down on UX With Latest Algorithm Announcement

Is your brand ready for Google's algorithm update that measures user experience? Read on to learn more.

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