August 3, 2022

EVERSANA INTOUCH Recognized as a Finalist for Multiple SEO Industry Awards 

two people working together on laptops and paper

The U.S. Search Awards have been recognizing the best and brightest in search marketing for over a decade, and that recognition is coming to EVERSANA INTOUCH’s SEO team. Recently, EVERSANA INTOUCH was named to the shortlist for three SEO awards: Best Large SEO Agency, Best Use of Search-Health, and Best Software Innovation, with the winners to be announced on October 13, 2022. 

“I’ve always known that our team is doing award-winning work for our clients, and it’s time for our team to get recognition for that amazing work,” says SEO Director Josie Black.  

Each award offers a unique perspective into what makes this team so special: the people, the work, and the technology.  

The People: Best Large SEO Agency 

Our SEO team is powered by our people. Leveraging strengths across the entire 32-person team has fostered incredible creativity and learning among experts, while empowering fresh and seasoned SEO teammates alike has progressed careers.

The Search team at EVERSANA INTOUCH embraces being nimble in our work based on new updates from search engines, fresh strategies, and all the ways we can help our client’s websites get more visibility online.  By empowering team members’ passions and offering a space to take risks, we’ve built a we-first culture of inspired members who help set us apart as a healthcare marketing leader. 

We’re currently hiring, and once fully staffed, we will have grown 35% since June 2021 (26 to 35).  

(Join us – on the SEO team, or elsewhere in EVERSANA INTOUCH! See our job openings at https://www.eversanaintouchlocal/careers/)

The Work: Best Use of Search – Health  

In the pharmaceutical space, it can be challenging to get new ideas implemented. Our team innovates new ways to achieve our goals in search while successfully keeping within the strict guidelines in place for our clients.  

Among a wide array of tactics and strategies, we’ve been able to actively improve search results for many of our clients using unbranded content to build up visibility in a different area of the community for drugs and the diseases they treat. The case study recognized here showcases the long-term SEO impacts on visibility that we gained by re-optimizing disease-education content on a branded website, based on search interest. 

The Technology: Best Software Innovation 

The EVERSANA INTOUCH Search team has developed 11 in-house tools to improve the efficiency and quality of our work, and it’s allowed us to explore SEO from new angles. This toolbox includes the finalist for Best Software Innovation, AnswerVox: The Voice Answer Engine, which allows us to quickly and effectively analyze the answers that voice-driven searches provide.  

In-house tools offer a novel way for us to flex our SEO muscles: instead of solely relying on one-size-fits-all, third-party tools, we get the opportunity to craft our own tools that fit our needs perfectly. Some of our other in-house software includes SEO Web Atlas, a web-based application for documenting, implementing and validating SEO metadata; and KeywordCat, a pharma-specific, automated keyword categorization tool.  

What’s Next? 

We’re thrilled to be on the shortlist for the US Search Awards in 2022, and while we’re celebrating as a team, we have no signs of slowing down! We are continuing to focus on important areas of impact for our client sites, including E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), and changes to Google’s Core Web Vitals, which measure the on-site experience of real users. As Google continues to focus on user experience, our search team does as well, and there’s plenty of amazing work on the horizon.