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EVERSANA INTOUCH is Making Content Velocity Fly

By harnessing the power of Adobe Firefly, EVERSANA and EVERSANA INTOUCH are accelerating the content creation processes. Check out how and the impact on brand marketing in this blog.


Reaching New Global ‘Frontiers’ In Life Sciences

EVERSANA and Healthware colleagues reached new global 'Frontiers' together as they co-hosted the 2023 Frontiers Health conference in Rome, Italy. Learn more about the event in this recent blog.


A Revolutionary AI Use Case in Healthcare Communications: KOL “Digital Representations”

Download this POV to learn insights from research on the perceptions of AI-generated videos, specifically digital representations of KOLs.


Threading the Needle: Is Meta’s Threads Headed for Success?

Will Meta's new Threads matter to pharma advertisers? When will we know if it's a success? We give you answers from Justin Chase, EVP, EVERSANA INTOUCH Media, along with recent news coverage with his expertise.


Inspiring Action: Pharma Advertisers as a Force to Address Climate-Related Health Inequities 

Climate change - and the health inequities it exacerbates - demand immediate attention, and pharma advertisers are uniquely positioned to drive change.


Medical Metaverse Digest: The Apple Vision Pro Edition

Apple's new headset could change the game for healthcare marketers: learn how from six top strategists and innovations specialists from EVERSANA INTOUCH.


Extraordin*AI*ry Times: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Pharma Marketing

Artificial intelligence can help brands and pharma marketers achieve more. Read the POV to learn how AI is reshaping pharma marketing.


The Medical Metaverse Digest: Metaverse + AI = Perfect Together

Are you hearing that AI is the future, and the metaverse is “over”? So are we, but here’s the thing: the former can be true without the latter being true too. Let's get into it.


How Will Generative AI Change Pharma? Faruk’s Here to Explain

Faruk Capan, CEO of EVERSANA INTOUCH and Chief Innovation Officer of EVERSANA, has been interviewed by many life-sciences journalists recently about the promise of generative AI like ChatGPT. We round up a few of the recent articles for you here!


The Medical Metaverse Monthly Digest

In our Monthly Medical Metaverse Digest, the team tracks the metaverse throughout the healthcare world, from blood donation to stroke, ADHD to aging.

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