September 20, 2022

Keyword Coverage: Comparing Top SEO Tools

When you’re looking at keywords, how do you know if you’re seeing everything that’s out there?

Sadly, you probably aren’t. No tool is perfect. But which one is best?

Tylor Hermanson, VP, SEO, EVERSANA INTOUCH recently conducted an investigation of four top SEO tools, and his article on the work appeared in Search Engine Land.

The by-no-means-definitive keyword size showdown” compared GSC, Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz, and their keyword coverage for domains in the pharmaceutical space. Tylor and his team used the four SEO tools on 51 pharma industry domains to determine the number of ranking keywords or keywords registering at least one impression.

The study’s results are full of statistics comparing the four tools in various ways. Is there a clear-cut winner for the one tool you should be using? You’ll have to go read his article to find out, but the answer may surprise you.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway is, Tylor notes, “Beyond the data being interesting and potentially sparking beneficial dialogue, I wanted to stress the value of analyzing these tools under the lens of your industry.” The importance of knowing how well any tool works, not just generally, but for your specific needs, can’t be overstated.

Check out the article for all the details on their findings, as well as four key takeaways to improve your SEO work today!