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One of the Most-Read SEO Articles in 2022: Test of Competing Tools by EVERSANA INTOUCH VP & Team

One of the most-read SEO articles in all of 2022 was from EVERSANA INTOUCH VP Tylor Hermanson.


Keyword Coverage: Comparing Top SEO Tools

SEO VP Tylor Hermanson recently published a comparison of the efficacy of four top SEO tools on Search Engine Land.


Google Update Targets Websites Prioritizing Search Engines Above People

Google’s latest update seeks to prioritize helpful original content made by people for people, rather than content made primarily to gain organic search traffic.


Google’s 2021 Title Shakeup Part 2: Our SERP Title Analysis Study

Intouch’s SEO team looked at the recent changes from Google and how they affect pharma brands. Read on for their key observations and recommendations in part 2 of 2 posts on this important search update.


Google’s New MUM Technology Enables More Contextual Responses

For consumers, MUM means Google will soon provide much more value. Read on to find out why brands should care about this game-changing evolution in search.


Google’s Core Web Vitals Update: Is Your Brand Ready?

Find out what Intouch is doing to help clients prepare for the latest algorithm change, which could affect site ranking, plus user and page experience.


Voice Answers: Innovating in SEO With AnswerVox®

To date, 19M consumers have used voice search to locate health-related information. That number is expected to grow. Are voice assistants correctly representing your brands and indications? Learn how Intouch can help you find out.


Google Doubles Down on UX With Latest Algorithm Announcement

Is your brand ready for Google’s algorithm update that measures user experience? Read on to learn more.


What Web Search Can Teach Pharma During the Pandemic

How will COVID-19 affect pharma, and what can pharma marketers do to stay top of mind, while also providing the help searchers need in this uncertain time? Read on to find out.


Google’s Latest Search Results Blur Paid & Organic Lines

How will pharma marketers be affected by Google’s recent proposed changes to how desktop ads are identified in search results? Read on to find out.

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