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A Revolutionary AI Use Case in Healthcare Communications: KOL “Digital Representations”

Download this POV to learn insights from research on the perceptions of AI-generated videos, specifically digital representations of KOLs.


Digital Medicine in Pharma: A Marketers’ Guide for Launch, Promotion and Life Cycle Management

Beyond the pill, there are treatments that pharma marketers are launching, promoting and managing throughout their life cycle. Check out this POV, for a guide on marketing digital medicine in pharma.


Re-Imagining Promotional Medical Education: A New POV

Too many marketers have an outdated idea of what promotional medical education is. In this new POV, we explain what it can be - and what it can do - today!


How Pharma Brands Grow: Branding in a Performance Marketing World

Get new research insights and learn what makes a pharma brand grow in a world of brand and performance marketing.


Accelerating Rare Disease Patient Engagement

Industry challenges in rare disease create an opportunity for brand marketers to advance patient engagement. Check out this POV to learn more.


Why Market Access Matters to Marketers More Than Ever

Payer marketing, reimbursement strategy, payer engagement, market access – whatever term your organization might use, optimizing your brand value and communicating that value to your stakeholders is a vital discipline. Because in our healthcare ecosystem, what gets paid for gets done… and what doesn’t get paid for often doesn’t get done. Payer controls on brands […]


Inspiring Action: Pharma Advertisers as a Force to Address Climate-Related Health Inequities 

Climate change - and the health inequities it exacerbates - demand immediate attention, and pharma advertisers are uniquely positioned to drive change.


Extraordin*AI*ry Times: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Pharma Marketing

Artificial intelligence can help brands and pharma marketers achieve more. Read the POV to learn how AI is reshaping pharma marketing.


Build or Buy? Increasing — Or Outsourcing — Your Marketing Capabilities

When does it make sense to build your own team internally, and when does it make sense to outsource certain capabilities to partners? In the latest POV from EVERSANA INTOUCH, the pros and cons of each approach -- and when to do each -- are broken down and considered.


What Matters Most: The Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2023

In our eighth annual trends forecast, dozens of experts from EVERSANA and EVERSANA INTOUCH explain the five issues pharma marketers will need to address in 2023.

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