April 3, 2024

A Conversation About Modular Content and the Relationship with MLR

When we hear the topic “Modular Content and MLR Relationship,” we think and hear of the challenges with medical, legal and regulatory (MLR). Marketers are under immense pressure because omnichannel puts more demands on marketing to produce more content. But what’s really exciting is that AI is going to create the efficiencies that finally enable us to pull through that content.

We recently shared this perspective at the Digital Health Coalition Group’s Summit hosted at Otsuka where Aaron Uydess, EVP, EVERSANA ORCHESTRATETM Solutions & Success moderated a panel about Modular Content and the Relationship with MLR. The panelists represented roles from regulatory affairs, omnichannel and modular content disciplines and discussed the value and business impact of modular content, its challenges and barriers, and smart solutions and considerations for a successful, scalable and iterative approach.

“Modular content has been around for a while, but the organizational readiness for it may not have been there five or ten years ago. How satisfied are you with the pace of which your company is working with modular content? Why do you think this dissatisfaction exists?”

Learn more about how the pharma industry is addressing modular content and the relationship with MLR by watching the recorded panel below.