March 5, 2024

How Subscriptions Are Changing the Way We Consume and Advertise on Social Media

Smart phone displaying apps on home screen

In a recent article published by Med Ad News and, Justin Chase, EVP, Media, highlights why privacy on social media comes with a price and how subscriptions are changing how we consume and advertise on social media.

Paying for TV streaming subscriptions has become the new norm, but will social media subscriptions now be included on that list?

Justin details how social media ad-free subscriptions are already being offered in various parts of Europe, the implications of social media subscriptions, benefits of subscribing, and what this means for pharma advertisers.

Like almost any conversation involving social media, there are two sides to this coin. One side sees this as a negative – more subscribers mean a smaller targetable pool of patients / HCPs, decreased reach and presumably poorer results. The other side sees this as an opportunity for more precise advertising and potentially better results.”

– Justin Chase

Read Justin’s full article for Med Ad News/ here.