June 16, 2020

To Put Patients First, Listen

OvaryAct banner

Last year, Intouch had the pleasure of working with GSK/TESARO (now GSK) to create a powerful message for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, which is observed each September. To make #OvaryAct — the socially driven, month-long campaign — the most impactful it could be Intouch and GSK/TESARO worked with GIPHY to provide free, high-quality imagery that people could download and share online.

#OvaryAct blew engagement numbers out of the water, was shared far and wide, and won a PM360 Greatest Creators 2020 award. The key, said GSK’s Stefanie Nacar, wasn’t about pouring money into the campaign, “because we didn’t – but because patients and caregivers saw themselves in it, spoke out through it, found it empowering, wanted it to spread.”

How was it that patients and caregivers so easily saw themselves in this campaign? We listened to them.

“For us it meant looking them in the eye. Building relationships with advocacy groups and their leaders. Participating in advocacy and patient engagement summits. Talking with – and listening to – patients and care partners and family members,” said Nacar. “The patient’s perspective lives out there in the world, not on a spreadsheet, and so we had to go out and find it.”

To learn more about the creation of #OvaryAct, check out this interview with Nacar from PharmaLive.