Innovating Payer Engagement & Education for New ADHD Therapy Coverage

Discover a medicine made of pixels in the form of a gaming app.

Young boy on bed wearing headphones views a tablet

A non-stimulant therapy in the form of a gaming app is associated with attentional control in pediatric patients, and it needs to gain coverage in a highly genericized ADHD market, among branded stimulants and other non-stimulants with high management restrictions across plans.

While negating payer skepticism and significant variability that exists due to the novelty of prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) class and their perception of the clinical trials, the EVERSANA INTOUCH Market Access team was challenged with educating payers, reinforcing the unmet need in ADHD and the overall viability and value of PDTs.

With the goal of shifting mindsets on behavioral cognitive health, we used engaging visuals and graphics that resonated with payers and we created an educational access journey to communicate the differences in rigor, validation, and clinical and economic benefits of PDTs. As an experienced Market Access agency, we workshopped, conceptualized, designed, developed, and delivered on a suite of Market Access communication assets to secure favorable and equitable coverage within carefully targeted Commercial and specific Medicaid state plans.

Combined brochure cover, planetary challenge screen shot and trade show booth

By effectively conveying compelling value narratives, we not only educated but captivated stakeholder interest and influenced decision making with this transformative PDT platform, leveraging neuroscience and technology. The PDT successfully gained coverage by select regional plans to FDA-cleared label within three months post-launch and secured preliminary coverage by four State Medicaid plans.