Fighting for More Time TOGETHER

Access to late-stage treatment options for metastatic breast cancer was lacking. We rose to the occasion with solutions.

laptop, phone, computer margenza work

With a pipeline of products using innovative monoclonal antibody-based platforms for the treatment of cancer, MacroGenics is a company on the rise. When it became apparent that the FDA was going to approve MARGENZA quicker than expected, MacroGenics needed a partner who would rise to the occasion as well. Enter our team to deliver websites, collateral, sales material, and more, helping patients with metastatic breast cancer have access to a late-stage option they previously lacked.

As only 20% of breast cancer patients are HER2+ and are more likely to be fighters than survivors, we created an impactful “adcept” that combined the benefits of MARGENZA (efficacy, safety, and flexibility) with the visual camaraderie of patients alongside HCPs. Literally, TO GET HER a chance for more time becomes TOGETHER. This concept served as the basis for the HCP and patient campaigns, and makes a bold statement from MacroGenics that they may be new, but they are here to make an impact on patients’ lives.

MARGENZA was launched in March 2021, and within the year we created multiple websites for different tactics and audiences, extensive collateral, a print advertisement campaign, convention sponsorship and a banner ad campaign that generated 21 million impressions.