The Best of Both Worlds: Global and Innovation

EVERSANA INTOUCH Healthware combines the power of a global network with an innovative mindset to build the future of health across markets, audiences and cultures. Our scientific expertise, creativity, boundless curiosity and understanding of human needs fuel how we design transformational healthcare experiences that engage, simplify and empower people’s lives.

We believe that technology and innovation are the main catalysts in today’s healthcare revolution and strive to unleash their power to improve health outcomes while delivering transformational business results for our clients.

Our Origin Story

One Big Idea Leads to Another

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With more than 150 employees and multiple offices across Italy, Finland and the United Kingdom, Healthware Group was acquired by EVERSANA and is now part of the global agency network, EVERSANA INTOUCH. The companies share a common culture and vision, and together, they leverage the power of digital and technology solutions to deliver global brand impact and transform stakeholder engagement and patient care.

Founded by Roberto Ascione, Healthware has provided marketing, advisory, customer engagement and media services, medical communications and education, and advanced technology capabilities for over 25 years. Those services are integrated into EVERSANA INTOUCH’s full-service global healthcare agency network-led by Faruk Capan, CEO, EVERSANA INTOUCH and chief innovation officer, EVERSANA. The expanded global agency network leverages its combined roots in digital innovation to “pharmatize” the power of AI in marketing. The network’s strength in innovation, combined with world-class omnichannel, data and media capabilities, provides the basis of modern, authentic and differentiated healthcare brands.

As part of the acquisition, Healthware’s flagship global events including the annual Frontiers Health conference; media and publishing divisions including pharmaphorum, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry news, insight and debate; are owned and operated by EVERSANA.

EVERSANA INTOUCH Healthware combines the power of a global network with innovative and culturally relevant solutions.

One of our biggest milestones occurred in 2021, when Faruk met Jim Lang, CEO of EVERSANA, the industry’s only fully integrated commercial services platform. They instantly recognized in one another a shared mission to transform the global life sciences industry with unmatched digital and data-driven commercial solutions that improve patient care, so they set out to reimagine what a healthcare agency could be. The following year, EVERSANA acquired Intouch Group and we became EVERSANA INTOUCH International. In 2023, EVERSANA officially acquired the joint venture of Healthware Group, forming EVERSANA INTOUCH Healthware.

Today, we’re part of a global presence in healthcare marketing, a six-time pharma agency of the year winner, a Great Place To Work® for five consecutive years and awarded one of the top 20 most creative healthcare agencies. With more than 7,000 EVERSANA employees worldwide, we are no longer a startup. Yet Faruk still believes that we should continuously adapt, evolve and grow. It’s why we seek and embrace change, take on major challenges and continue to innovate.

How We Do What We Do


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Intrepidly Innovative: The Leaders of EVERSANA INTOUCH Healthware