Congress Activation

A Journey-Based Approach to Congress Planning and Implementation

Creating a congress experience centered on the needs and priorities of HCPs, with a focus on crafting memorable and engaging interactions throughout the entire event journey.

Woman uses VR headset in medical lab


Our client operating within the field of neurodegenerative diseases sought to design a captivating and interactive trade show booth to set the company apart and make a lasting impression. A successful booth not only captures the interest of potential customers, but also generates a memorable experience, ultimately driving enhanced brand visibility and sales.


We leveraged empathy to engage emotionally with neurologists by creating a experiential corner at the booth where participants could experience what their patients face on a daily basis, strengthening the call for better care and improved quality of life.

We also provided participants with cardboards to experience the simulations independently through their cell phones and the YouTube app.


  • Engagement with VR was 50% higher than that of any other touchpoint at the booth.
  • The experience has been replicated in multiple countries during local events and congresses.
  • The field force used the cardboards to deliver the same experience during face-to-face visits.