End-to-End Event Experience

A Tailored Approach to Extend Stakeholder Engagement and Maximize Impact

Best practices in experience strategy and event assets design were applied to help pharma teams generate attention and drive engagement pre-, during, and post-event.

[Upbeat music. A blue light is on the left side and transitions to a view of a projector screen with the words, “International Hybrid Event” in the foreground.]

[The wording zooms in and transitions to three individuals managing a sound board, sliding buttons up as to increase volume; followed by a transition to an individual looking down at a table on a piece of paper as he sits in front of a sound board; screen zooms in slowly then transitions to a computer screen that shows a video editing interface. The computer image quickly transitions to the upper right corner of a screen that says, “MICS ON” in a green box.]

[The screen shifts to a pulsating motion as a male voice with enthusiasm chants “Three, Two, One, Go!” The onscreen visual is a man standing in front of a large screen with a heart image and text on the backdrop as another individual with a hand in the air motions for a production to begin.]

[A green room appears labeled “2” and the camera view proceeds into a “Main Broadcast Studio” as if the viewer is walking through the studio themselves. Tables are set up with various computers on top of them as the door from the green room opens leading to see a full broadcast studio including two large projection screens, and cameras amidst a dark room with curtains.]

[The view of the studio disappears as a man wearing headphones sits in front of multiple monitor screens with different live visuals of the broadcast studio.]

[The image zooms out and transitions to a computer screen interface viewing the man standing in front of the two projector screens in the broadcast studio.]

[The screen disappears and pans back to the view of the broadcast studio tables and multiple computers; it zooms in on one computer screen depicting various images, inputs and numbers; a man begins typing on a keyboard; scans to live broadcast view of two men in front of projection screens presumably being recorded and watched by production staff equipped with computers in the background.]

Text reads: “3 EUROPEAN HUBS” in front of lighted world map image.

Text reads: “ITALY” in front of an image of individuals sitting in chairs in a large room with three projection screens.

Text reads: “SPAIN” in front of an image of individuals sitting in chairs around tables in a narrow room with two projection screens.

Text reads: “UNITED KINGDOM” in front of an image of individuals sitting in chairs around tables in a smaller, blue-lit, conference room.

[Room image pans to a projector screen with heart image and “NHAF EDITION2” words on the screen; people are watching this screen; image folds in and transitions to a large monitor with the same heart image and words, and a female speaking.]

Text reads: “26 SPEAKERS” as image stays on the screen and a man walks into the image and shakes the female’s hand.

[A man appears to be setting up a microphone on the lapel of another man; assisting him in putting on his suitcoat, then walking away from each other.]

[The man with the suitcoat is now being recorded by a camera as he speaks in front of a projector screen with same heart image and wording on the screen.]

Text reads: “PANEL DISCUSSIONS” [Image pans to view the broadcast studio of two individuals sitting in low chairs in front of the projector screen with a camera in front of them; three individuals are seated in low white chairs speaking to each other in front of the projector screen; images on the screen are now different individuals sitting at tables.]

[Text disappears and image zooms in on three individuals sitting in low chairs, with shadow of camera in the foreground; individual on the projector screen is talking; screen zooms out to see three individuals still sitting in low chairs in the broadcast studio in front of three individuals on the projector screens behind them.]

[An individual man is standing by himself in front of the projector screen with the heart image and wording, talking with hand gestures; image changes to a different individual man talking in front of a sign and curtain with hand gestures; image changes to two different individuals, men, in the broadcast studio talking with hand gestures in front of the projector screen; zooms out to panoramic view of broadcast studio showing a different individual man talking in front of the projector screen; image transitions in block graphic.]

Text reads: “2 LIVE SURGERIES” in front of three images — top left is a sonogram screen, bottom left is two surgeons with glasses and the right, larger image is presumable a diagnostic screen in a medical setting.

[Images disappear; computer screen images appear to represent clinical data or images during a surgical procedure; images quickly scan to other sets of clinical images.]

Text reads: “10 BREAKOUT ROOMS” in front of five boxes that have an individual’s headshot and other information about them as a presenter. The headline of the image reads, “POLARx: achieving clinical goals.” Image zooms out with heart logo and “NHAF” wording appearing at the top left corner along with an image of a male speaking in front of the projector screen on the right.

[More boxes of individual speakers and information appear, and zooms in, then scrolls down.]

[A new screen image appears and shows graphics of a computer on wheels and various surgical tools; the headline reads “The POLARx Cryoblation System.” A man is shown speaking on the right with a view of a colorful map in his background.]

[Three individuals are in a room equipped with four tall signs depicting individual’s faces with heart logo and “NHAF” wording; two of the three individuals are seated behind a table; the third individual is standing and speaking with hand gestures.]

[A man is speaking behind a podium and in front of three tall signs depicting individual’s’ faces with heart logo and “NHAF” wording; image disappears as woman smiling is standing in front of a sign and curtain.]

Text reads: “150+ VIRTUAL ATTENDEES” in front of computer screen that shows a “Learning Center” with various clickable images and text; background computer screen scrolls down and zooms in.]

Text reads: “100 PHYSICAL ATTENDEES” in front of image that shows various individuals seated in a large room, watching three projector screens. Transitions to view five individuals in a different room watching a projector screen.]

[NHAF EDITION 2 with heart logo appears; a screen image with text that reads “Thanks for attending! NHAF Edition 2 has now finished.” with individual’s faces, heart rate and Boston Scientific logo appears.]

[Video production crew with man managing a camera wearing headphones, waves his hand in front of the screen; two individuals hug in the broadcast studio; two different individuals wave at the camera; broadcast production crew of individuals are sitting in front of sound boards and one individual gives a thumbs up to the camera; pans to a group of other individuals as one looks at the camera and gives a thumbs up and an “okay” hand gesture.]

[Finally, the image disappears and is replaced by the EVERSANA INTOUCH logo on a blue background.]



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a prominent medical devices company was compelled to reassess its traditional approach to its flagship annual event. Typically conducted in person and attracting attendees from various corners of Europe, this event served as a vital platform for networking, showcasing products and fostering customer relationships.


We collaborated closely with the client to orchestrate a hybrid event, linking three active spokes (Milan, London, Madrid) to a central hub that streamed the faculty’s speeches from a professional TV studio in Milan. We promoted the event through personal and nonpersonal promotional activities and broadcast live via a dedicated online platform, allowing remote attendees to participate in real time.


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Attendees from three active hubs and four passive hubs around Europe

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Speakers from 11 countries

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Live surgery cases streamed from two different cath labs

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Assets produced from the original contents ensuring five months of push activities