October 5, 2021

Intouch Group Launches Pro-Bono Alliance With The Chrysalis Initiative to Shed Light on Biased Healthcare System

Intouch Group Press Release

New BC Navi Resources and “Erase the Line” Campaign Advance Equality in Cancer Care Among Disparate Communities

KANSAS CITY, MO (October 5, 2021) Intouch Group, a full-service agency network serving the pharmaceutical industry, announced today an alliance with The Chrysalis Initiative (TCI) to enhance and extend the nonprofit’s mission to disrupt outcome disparities that exist in healthcare, specifically among women of color in the breast cancer community.

Together, and in collaboration with KTC ATL, the organizations developed the new BC Navi (short for Breast Cancer Navigation) website, patient portal, and app to provide breast cancer patients with resources to support them in understanding and advocating for equitable care. Intouch also created the dynamic “Erase the Line” campaign, highlighting outcome disparities by encouraging BC Navi registrations by women of color who are fighting breast cancer.

“For every BC Navi registration or app download, we’ll erase a pixel from the inequality line,” says Nicholas Capanear, Executive Craft Director at Intouch. “Whether it’s walls, borders, or lines in the sand, inequality is built on what divides. But when we have the right tools, knowledge, and support, we can tear down the walls of inequality and erase the line.”

The National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program has reported that approximately 12.9% of women will get diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Although Black women get breast cancer at a slightly lower incidence rate (3%) than white women, Black women are 42% more likely to face mortality from cancer.

Founded and developed in 2019 by Jamil Rivers, TCI was born from her own personal breast cancer and advocacy experiences. After being diagnosed with de novo metastatic breast cancer, Rivers was determined to create a program to help women of color get the comprehensive care they deserve and provide support for healthcare workers and systems to address healthcare disparities. Through its one-on-one coaching program, TCI informs and empowers women of color throughout their treatment, helping them to feel confident and in charge by managing the worries and challenges specific to their experiences.

“Black women will no longer have to be in the dark about their cancer care treatment. They no longer have to wonder about how they can get equitable care,” said Rivers. “We got you. No more waiting on a biased system.”

The BC Navi app will be available on Android and iOS in October 2021. For more information and to receive updates on the app launch, visit www.thechrysalisinitiative.org/app/.

About The Chrysalis Initiative

The Chrysalis Initiative (TCI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing patients with coaching, tools, and the opportunity to assess their breast cancer risk and care with proper education and support. Born from Jamil Rivers’ experience, TCI is closing racial disparities in healthcare one patient at a time through the Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum, tracking their continuum of care, and providing a dashboard to report and engage with their oncology support teams. The BC Navi app is for breast cancer patients to receive support in their education of the Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum while tracking their continuum of care and providing dashboard reporting to their oncology support teams within the center, increasing capacity and engagement. 

About Intouch Group

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