Redefining Engagement to Advance Market Access

With unparalleled, data-informed insights and broader connectivity to a fully integrated commercial services platform, EVERSANA INTOUCH is redefining the engagement model for payers, providers, and patients , and leading the way to advance market access.

Why Market Access Matters to Marketers More Than Ever

Payer marketing, reimbursement strategy, payer engagement, market access – whatever term your organization might use, optimizing your brand value and communicating that value to your stakeholders is a vital discipline. Because in our healthcare ecosystem, what gets paid for gets done… and what doesn’t get paid for often doesn’t get done.

Payer controls on brands are growing, and it’s harder than ever for healthcare professionals to prescribe the medications that they think their patients need. With these changes coming more frequently, more rapidly, and with greater impact than ever before, your brand needs unparalleled insight and forward-thinking strategy to ensure that it can get to the patients who need it.

In this POV, we offer research demonstrating the scale of the problem, outline the market events that are especially important to prepare for, and recommend five steps that smart marketers can take now.

Patrick Beers

Patrick Beers
Senior Vice President, Market Access

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