January 8, 2021

A Love Letter to Intouch

image of hands in heart over sunset

From the rapid pivot to an entirely virtual workplace at the start of the pandemic, to panel discussions hosted by Intouch’s Inclusion & Diversity team, to online cooking classes, meeting-free zones, extended “summer Fridays,” virtual trivia games, holiday bingo, ongoing meditation and movement classes, tools and tips for parents working with kids at home, and a whole lot more, Intouchers at all levels agree: We’ve got it pretty damned good.

We talk about our good fortune with our coworkers, family and friends — maybe post about it on our Facebook pages sometimes — but few of us take the time to write a full-blown love letter to our employers. Jeff Greene, though … after just three months on the job as a VP of strategic planning (and more than a decade in the healthcare agency world) … took the time to share what he says makes Intouch different from other healthcare agencies.

Check out his piece on LinkedIn, and if you’re feeling the love, visit our jobs page to see if there’s a good fit for you!