November 5, 2021

Checking in With Intouch “Boomerang” Stephanie Davis

My Second First Day

When we describe Intouch culture to friends and family, they’re often envious. But of what? Is it the learning and development opportunities, the flexible workplace policy, or the monthly tech stipend? Maybe it’s the chance to be a mentor or be mentored by industry veterans. It could also be the meeting-free zones, “Early Fridays,” or the generous benefits; whatever it is, it’s no surprise that Intouch has many, many long-haulers — employees who have been here since day one. But we also have what we call “boomerangs” — employees who leave and then come back. At the time of this writing, there are nearly two dozen Intouch boomerangs working across our offices, so we thought it would be fun to ask them what made them come back after leaving. For today’s edition, check out our Q&A with Stephanie Davis, a senior project manager for Intouch 7.

What influenced you to leave?
I was randomly offered a job where the opportunity seemed like something too good to pass up, and it felt like an opportunity I needed to explore further.

Did you continue to work in this industry or try something entirely new?
I was still in marketing, but I didn’t stay in pharma.

How long were you away? If you were away for a while, how many positions did you have before you boomeranged?
Five months – the job was not what I thought it was going to be, and within a few months I started looking at coming back to Intouch.

What are two or three things that drew you back?
I loved working at Intouch my first time around and had not been looking to leave. The people are first and foremost the reason I came back. I had a lot of friends I still kept in regular contact with after leaving, and they were the first ones I reached out to when I wanted to look into coming back.  I also love the culture we’ve built at Intouch, and that even though we are a large company, my managers and peers still find ways to keep us connected.

Woman smiling, holding sign with her name and her employment start dates

I felt that Intouch, as a company, actually cared about their employees and how we were managing during the pandemic.

In your opinion, what differentiates Intouch?
Especially during the height of the pandemic, I would talk to friends at other agencies who were experiencing vastly different ways of working. They had companies who weren’t understanding or supportive of parents working from home; their work-life balance was way off, and there was no discussion about how to change it and they didn’t feel supported by any of their teammates. I feel very blessed to not only have an amazing team that I work with on a day-to-day basis — one that makes the tough times a little bit easier to manage — but I also felt that Intouch, as a company, actually cared about their employees and how we were managing during the pandemic.

If you’re interested in seeing what life at Intouch is like from an insider’s perspective, stay tuned for more in our boomerang series; and since you’re already here, learn more about working at Intouch via our Careers page — maybe you can make your friends and family envious by becoming one of us!