February 26, 2018

Forever Welcome: Intouch Helps Spread Message of Unity

Intouch employs people from many walks of life, and from many places around the globe, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. From CEO Faruk Capan, who came from Turkey in the 1990s to attend graduate school, to folks at all levels of the company who hail from Europe, Asia, and Latin America, we’re a diverse group.

We know that diversity — of backgrounds, of ideas, of perspectives — makes our company smarter and stronger. So when one of our own lost her husband in a senseless act of hate last year, there was no question that we’d rally around Sunayana Dumala, and ultimately, take up her cause: to tell immigrants that they’re welcome in the United States — and at Intouch — and to acknowledge the countless contributions immigrants have made to their communities over the years.

Forever Welcome was born from the desire to spread this message of empathy and unity. The project, which Intouch helped launch in January, has already received massive amounts of positive feedback and attention from outside our offices, as featured by the likes of HuffPost and BuzzFeed News. Inside our walls, almost three-dozen Intouch employees have volunteered time and talent to keep the message alive throughout 2018. Next, we’ll be walking to honor Srinivas’ life in a memorial peace walk March 9.

Originally posted February 26, 2018.