May 7, 2022

Helping Clinics Help Patients With Adopt-a-Lab 

Adopt-a-Lab at Heart to Heart International

Recently, we told you about our new philanthropy program: The Give Back. We’d love to share more about one of our signature Give Back partnerships with Adopt-a-Lab! 

Adopt-a-Lab is a project that’s improving free health clinics nationwide through Heart to Heart International (HHI), a nonprofit Intouch has been working with for years. 

These clinics serve communities in which residents often face many extra barriers to getting the healthcare they need. These patients often are under- or un-insured; work in jobs where it’s especially difficult to take time off for a healthcare appointment; and may have extra difficulties getting transportation to an appointment. 

When one of these clinics can not only see a patient, but can perform lab tests immediately on site, they remove even more hurdles that would otherwise exist between patients and the treatments they need. And so, the goal of Adopt-a-Lab is to install point-of-care laboratory capabilities in free and charitable clinics throughout the United States. This will help thousands of care providers, and hundreds of thousands of patients, across the country. 

Intouch is beginning by sponsoring two labs: the Medina Clinic, in Kansas City, whose lab is already up and running; and Onward House, in Chicago, whose lab is being built.

And our sponsorship doesn’t stop with writing checks. This summer, our interns will be working to support them – and we’re working with each clinic to find out what volunteer work will help them the most, that we can then open up as opportunities to interested Intouchers. 

We’re seeking to make our work with Adopt-a-Lab a true partnership – a relationship, not a transaction – just like we do with all of our partners and clients! Together, we’re working to help close the gap on health inequities, and expand healthcare access, for better patient outcomes. 

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