October 8, 2021

Intouch Celebrates Intouchers With Pep Rallies in 6 Cities

Image of Intouch Homecoming sign

If you’ve read or seen much about Intouch, you’ll know that along with our purpose statement, No Challenge Too Big to Cure, we have a set of guiding values, and one of them is Build Lasting Relationships. Since the pandemic, we’ve become experts at building and maintaining strong, lasting relationships with our colleagues and clients … virtually. We’ve had a million Zoom calls, plus virtual spelling bees, bingo and trivia games, wine tastings, cooking classes, plant 101 classes, and all the other cool virtual things our culture teams arrange for us.

Don’t get us wrong: we’re thrilled that Intouch was able to go virtual so quickly when COVID-19 hit, and we’re grateful to still have the work-at-home option, definitely. But there’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite work peeps in person, right? So, given that we’ve been at this virtual thing for going on two years, and because of the extremely high vaccination rate among Intouch employees — not to mention that homecoming season is on the horizon — we decided to bring back a bit of the “old Intouch” and host some “pep rallies” to ease back into in-person relationship building, for whenever that becomes a really real thing again someday. Check out just a few of the scenes from the outdoor events Intouchers recently enjoyed in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Kansas City. Our San Diego and San Francisco offices also held pep rallies … we’ll add photos from their events at from the rooftop at Monarch Ocean Pub and the Chateau St. Jean Winery, respectively, when we get them!

In Boston, Intouch employees met up at Lawn on D.

Chicago Intouchers gathered at Navy Pier.

Kansas City Intouchers celebrated at J. Rieger & Co.

In NYC, Intouchers partied at the Standard Biergarten.

We’re still not sure when we’ll get back to normal, but one thing is clear: when we do, it will feel like coming home because of the relationships we’ve nurtured. If you’re into working with people you’ll call your second family, visit our Careers page!