February 15, 2019

Intouch Hosts Northwest Missouri State Advertising Club

Image of a girl wearing VR glasses

Last week, Intouch’s Kansas City office had the pleasure of hosting 40 students from Northwest Missouri State University’s advertising club, AdInk. The club provides networking opportunities, educational activities and outings like agency tours, which they hold every spring.

While they were here, AdInk’s brave members – they traveled to be with us during an ice storm! — toured our offices and listened to presentations from Intouch departments including account management, project management, and social media. The surprise bonus? Each Intouch presenter was an alumnus of Northwest Missouri State!

Our visitors also got tips on preparing for a career in advertising and learned about Intouch’s amazing culture, which prioritizes philanthropy, inclusion and generally having a good time together.

The highlight of the tour may have been the stop in our Innovation Room, which features examples of the cool things our tech experts have created like our artificial intelligence chatbot, Ruby, VR/AR tools that help healthcare providers and caregivers experience what it’s like to have three different retinal diseases, plus other fun gadgets we get inspired by and sometimes integrate into client projects.

Finally, and perhaps most important for the future grads, they learned about Intouch’s internship program, which gives aspiring advertising professionals the chance to get their hands dirty with real agency projects and get paid doing it. We’re proud to say that more than half of our interns go on to become full-time Intouchers after graduation!

Speaking of our internship program, we have opportunities in our Kansas City, Chicago, New York and Boston offices. Whether you’re interested in campaign development or copywriting or planning or project management or any of the other internship opportunities available, there’s likely something for you. The deadline to apply is March 31, so don’t wait!

Image of student visit to Intouch Group
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Image of student meeting