January 22, 2021

Intoucher Salutes Biden’s Home State, Catches CNN’s Ear

Matt Pierce raps into microphone near river

Last May, in the early days of the pandemic, we spotlighted New York Intouch account director and hip hop artist Matt “Boy” Pierce, who rapped about what it was like living under lockdown. His song, “Quarantine,” touched on things we all could (and still can) relate to — social distancing, hand washing, canceled sports, dogs barking during Zoom calls … you know, all the stuff we think of as “normal” these days. Now, Matt has made much bigger headlines for a song called “Park Tour Delaware.”

The song was recently featured on the pages of CNN for the love it shows Delaware, Matt’s home state and the adopted home state of newly elected U.S. president Joe Biden. With more than 50 shout-outs to shops, restaurants, and places beloved by Delaware natives, the song has received big love from YouTube viewers and also resulted in a feature on Matt in Delaware Online.

“No one in New York had a clue what I was talking about,” Matt told CNN. “I’m the only person from Delaware most of my friends here have ever met, and they know absolutely nothing about the state.”

You can check out the complete CNN article here. And if you’d like to relive the pandemic’s early days, check out “Quarantine.” Meanwhile, peep Matt’s video, which was shot on the river’s edge in Delaware’s New Castle Battery Park.

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