July 8, 2022

Running for Health in Chicago

Onward House 5K

Recently, we shared our excitement about our new philanthropy program, The Give Back, and our first signature Give Back partnership, Adopt-a-Lab, a project that’s helping free health clinics across the United States.

EVERSANA INTOUCH employees in Chicago were recently able to become part of those efforts on the ground – literally – with the inaugural Community Health “Run for Health” 5K!

Community Health’s clinic Onward House is sponsored by EVERSANA INTOUCH through Adopt-a-Lab. This means that the clinic was provided new lab instruments, installation, supplies, training, and support by Heart to Heart professionals. Onward House can now do on-site, real-time testing, which helps to remove some of the many hurdles to diagnosis and treatment that clinic patients face!

Adopt-a-Lab serves communities where residents are often under- or un-insured, work in jobs where it’s especially difficult to take time off for a healthcare appointment, and may have extra difficulties getting transportation to their appointment. When a clinic can perform lab tests immediately, that helps the right care get to patients.

In addition to sponsoring Onward House, EVERSANA INTOUCH was the lead sponsor of the 5K, and we had 18 participants sign up… plus Coco the dog, who was kind enough to join his owner Jennifer! The crew ran, walked, enjoyed a warm summer rain, and helped Community Health not only meet, but exceed, their fund-raising goals for the race.

Congratulations to our 5K’ers on a job well done! Efforts like these are just one of the many ways that EVERSANA INTOUCH seeks to demonstrate how strongly we believe that the healthcare work we do for our clients, their patients, each other, and our communities, matters. If these matter to you, too – we’re hiring! Find the perfect role for you at https://www.eversanaintouchlocal/careers/