October 23, 2023

See You Next Wednesday! EVERSANA INTOUCH Introduces Community Days

collage of colleagues together in office

EVERSANA INTOUCH recently introduced “Community Days” for our New York City and Chicago offices, in an effort to continue building our agency community and culture. One day a week, those local to either office or visiting, are invited to work, collaborate, meet, and network in the office with their peers.

The first Community Days were filled with EVERSANA INTOUCHers. It was great to see colleagues in conference rooms and teams working together again.

Community Days create opportunities for EVERSANA INTOUCH teams to connect in person, build camaraderie, and collaborate. Designating a consistent day during each week – Tuesdays for New York and Wednesdays for Chicago – for teams to come into the office has already given many something to look forward to each week. “My favorite thing about our first Community Day in Chicago was when someone said, ‘See You Next Wednesday!’,” said Joanna Derma, SVP, Head of Affiliate.

“It’s important that we all carry a bit of that personal connection in our culture. Despite meaningful AI progress . . . Marketing is (and will remain) a human business. Humans do our best when we trust each other. Trust comes with knowing each other,” said Angela Tenuta, President, Full-Service Agencies.

We look forward to many more Community Days and hope to open this opportunity to all of our U.S.-based offices in the future.